Islam: Faith and History by Mahmoud M. Ayoub

Faith and History: Faith is devotional thing and has been the matter of debate throughout the history of the world. Faith in history can be traced with the help of some great works by the great authors. Faith and heritage are the part of the human life and is discussed in detail in the book in hand. the author has tried his best to clarify the place of faith in the history and is successful in his point of view to some extent.

 This innovative introduction, written by an internationally recognized Islamicist, combines the scholarly and the personal to give the reader a glimpse into the history, traditions, and beliefs of Islam. Professor Ayoub uses his personal spiritual journey to explore all aspects Islam. He covers everything from the Qur’an, Islamic law, and epic poetry of Sufis to the spread of Islam around the world to reform movements in America and Europe.

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Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform


The Devotional is a way to connect with Christians of the present and past faithful Christians. It reminds us of the similarities between our faith and the past worlds and how they were different.

Faith & History will help you read the Gospels under the Civil Rights Movement and Holocaust, and also pray the psalms with Isaac Watts and Frederick Douglass. You will learn more about the well-known Christians, including C. S. Lewis and Aimee Selmple McPherson. Also, you’ll meet lesser-known historical figures like Kathryn Kuhlman (faith healer), Felix Manz, Anabaptist martyr, and Margery Kempe, medieval mystic and medieval mystic. Each scripture passage is paired with a historical reflection. It suggests questions for further study and discussion, provides resources for historical study, and closes with a prayer.

This devotional combines historical reflection with prayer and study to assist Christians in their spiritual growth. Faith & History is designed to help Christians understand their relationship with the past in a time where history, memory and heritage are hotly debated in American politics.

Tensions between religious involvement and the public square,which Thomas Jefferson called the wall separating state from church, are not new. In fact, they have existed for centuries before the founding of the republic. Religious people fled persecution in Europe during the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic-Protestant conflicts and the fights over the definition of a true Christian Protestant faith. The 1st Amendment prohibits any law that would establish religion, restrict freedom of speech, or impair the free exercise thereof.

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Although the constitutional imperatives are vague, over two centuries has passed without any clarity on what role religion plays within American politics and policy-making. We cannot imagine America without religious leaders, sometimes speaking for good nor doing great harm.

There are no issues that religious voices can’t be heard on today. These include domestic and international affairs, as well as local and national debates about schools, which should live nearby, war and peace, and global responsibility.

This session will provide a foundation for understanding the history of our religions and allow us to begin to address contemporary conflicts in which religious leaders or denominations have taken strong positions.

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