Is Monopoly Haram in Islam?

Is Monopoly Haram? Monopoly, a term that resonates not only in the world of board games but also in the realm of economics and ethical considerations. The concept of monopoly, in the context of business and commerce, has long been a subject of scrutiny and debate, especially within the framework of Islamic ethics and principles.

In the Islamic faith, the economic system is guided by a set of values and moral standards that seek to ensure fairness, justice, and the well-being of society. This raises an important question: Is monopoly considered haram (forbidden) within the Islamic economic framework?

In this exploration of the ethical implications of monopoly in Islamic finance and economics, we will delve into the teachings of Islam, the historical perspective on monopolies, and the economic consequences of monopolistic practices.

To answer the question of whether monopoly is haram, we will consider various aspects, including the concentration of power, the potential for exploitation, and the broader impact on society. By examining these elements, we aim to provide a nuanced perspective on the ethical stance towards monopolistic practices within the context of Islamic economics.

The concept of monopoly transcends religious and cultural boundaries, as it influences economies and societies around the world. However, by focusing on the lens of Islamic ethics, we can gain a unique perspective that combines economic principles with moral and social values.

Understanding the position of monopoly within the framework of Islamic finance and ethics not only sheds light on the economic dimensions of the issue but also underscores the importance of ethical considerations in economic decision-making. In the pages that follow, we will explore the various dimensions of this debate and seek to uncover whether monopoly, within the Islamic context, is indeed considered haram.

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Is Monopoly Haram? I study a hadith which says, “Whoever plays with dice, it’s miles as if he dipped his hand within the flesh and blood of a pig.” And I read that what this indicates is that gambling with cube is haram. So an important query came to my mind, namely, are all sorts of games haram, although they may be useful specially for the reason that there are Islamic games which are based on use of cube? Are most of these games haram? Or does the prohibition follow only to precise games? Please provide an explanation for this be counted, might also Allah praise you with excellent.

Summary of answer

There are games which can be specially forbidden within the texts which includes playing with cube. There are video games that are neither enjoined nor forbidden in the texts and they’re of types: 1- The video games which encompass some thing that is haram together with video games that involve statues or pictures of living beings, or which are accompanied by way of music. 2- The games which do not involve some thing haram, and which generally do now not cause it, like maximum of the video games we see of soccer (football), volleyball and desk-tennis and so forth.



  • Types of video games
  • Types of video games which do now not assist in jihad
  • Kinds of games which might be neither enjoined nor forbidden
  • Conditions of allowing the video games which do no longer contain something haram

Praise be to Allah.

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Types of video games

Games fall into two categories: 

Games which assist in jihad for the sake of Allah, whether or not this is bodily jihad (fighting) or verbal jihaa (i.E., information), inclusive of swimming, capturing, horse-riding, and games which involve developing one’s competencies and Islamic knowledge, and many others. 

These video games are mustahabb and the one who engages in them might be rewarded so long as his goal is ideal and he seeks to assist the religion thereby. The Prophet (peace and advantages of Allah be upon him) said: “Shoot, O Bani Adnan, to your father changed into an archer.” Shooting or archery consists of by using analogy all similar moves. 

Games which do not help in jihad. 

Types of games which do no longer help in jihad

There are kinds of games which do not assist in jihad. 

  • Games which are particularly forbidden in the texts, consisting of playing with dice as mentioned inside the question. These games need to be prevented by using the Muslim. 
  • Games which can be neither enjoined nor forbidden inside the texts. 
Kinds of video games that are neither enjoined nor forbidden

There are two styles of games which are neither enjoined nor forbidden:  

  • Games which encompass some thing that is haram, along with video games that contain statues or snap shots of residing beings, or which might be followed by way of track, or games which cause arguments and conflicts amongst humans and result in their announcing or doing some thing terrible. These come under the prohibition due to the haram results to which they lead or due to the fact they are a method to something this is haram. If some thing is the means that typically results in some thing this is haram, then we should refrain from it. 
  • Games which do no longer involve anything haram, and which usually do no longer result in it, like most of the video games we see of soccer (football), volleyball and table-tennis and so forth. 

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Conditions of permitting the games which do not involve something haram

These video games are permissible difficulty to the following regulations:

  • They ought to be freed from gambling, i.E., making a bet between the players. 
  • They need to now not form an impediment to the compulsory remembrance of Allah, or to prayer, or to any compulsory act of worship, together with honouring one’s parents. 
  • They ought to not take up a variety of the player’s time, let alone taking over all of his time or inflicting him to be regarded the various human beings for that, or turning into his task, due to the fact then there is the concern that the ayah (interpretation of the that means) “Who took their religion as an amusement and play, and the lifestyles of the arena deceived them. So this Day We shall overlook them” [al-A’raf 7:51] may additionally turn out to be relevant to him. 
  • The final circumstance does now not have a hard and fast restrict, however must be referred to what is normal a few of the Muslims; something they regard as immoderate isn’t always allowed. A man or woman must set a restriction for the time spent playing and for the time spent in extreme hobbies; if (the time dedicated to gambling) is 1/2 or one-1/3 or one-zone, then this is too much. 

And Allah knows quality. 

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