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Experts of Islam and Jurists and others are of the view that doing good is among the fundamentals of faith and is a proof of the authenticity of Tawheed (monotheism) as there is no evidence or evidence to suggest the importance in these shahada’s (testimonies) in actual life in addition to a individual’s behavior and ethics, dedication and respect for their orders, and abstinence from evil and limitations. 

The acts of goodness of a person are proof of the strength of faith in the heart. This is one of the advantages of faith with Allah He is God’s Messenger and on the day of the end. This is why it’s a popular part of an inscription thought to originate from Al-Hasan al-Basri.

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 In the quote, he states: “Faith is not by the power of hope or awe It’s what’s embedded inside your soul and is verified by your actions.” He added that “whoever claims to be good, but fails to perform the right thing is judged by their actions. If someone speaks something good and is right, his words validated by his actions. This is because Allah affirms that “To Him is the most awe-inspiring praise and for Him is the greatest praise.It is a foundational pillar of faith.

 It is a well-known phrase in the Scriptures of the religions that are closely associated with that of the Islamic belief system and it shows that the evidence of action is the basis of faith. It is the foundational component of faith, as well as an evidence of it as well as a way to guide the practice, and is believed to be the outcome of faith in the real world. A definition of a A good deed is pleasing to Allah The Almighty and it is a combination of two elements. 

The first is that it has to be in accordance with Islamic regulations, and the second is that it is intended to please and be a good deed for Allah If the act does not meet either of these the result is not pleasing to Allah. Allah, and therefore there is no reward. Almighty {said the following: Anyone who wishes to get the blessings of Allah must perform righteous acts and refrain from participating in the worship of his Lord in or any. ” “” is a reference to “righteous acts ,”|,} and how constitutes moral acts is ethical behavior, i.e., in the spirit of Islamic rules, and purely for the motive for the sake of Allah God Almighty. 

The noble deed is illustrated through an act that is worship and the obligation and duty that Allah directed his servants to perform, and also represents the reason for its being and existence on the earth. The most accurate explanation for the subject is explained in the text “Al-Ibaanah Al-Kubra” by Ibn Battah where it shows the connection between worship and the good deeds. Worship is beneficial for your soul. 

In the in the book Al-Ibanah al-Kubra in the work of Ibn Battah, it was stated that the reason for doing good works is that they are meant to please Allah and attain the eternal bliss of Allah. The reason behind this is the following assertions 1. The basis of faith lies in the way we pronounce these two stories and the actual outcome of that. 

Allah has included in the Book of the Mighty an inscription that blends positive words and good acts. Allah states: [Adh-Dhariyat: 56]. This verse is a combination of words and actions and an unwavering wish and gratitude to God by worshipping and adhere to his rules, and the elements of faith, which include trusting in His books and the Messengers of His and continue to follow in worshipping and keeping to Allah. 2. The act of worshiping is one and it is an act that is an element of faith.

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 If the worship Allah has planned for them wasn’t dependent on the act of doing it, he might not declare it as worship and would have referred to it as speech and the verse would been: “I created the jinn and humans to speak only.” Therefore, the fact that the prophet said “except in worship” implies that the act of worship is a part of worship and worship. 3. Worship is a ceremony, and it is a  work. 

In accordance with Allah’s directives, the duty of the worker is to perform his duties and stay clear of forbidden actions and actions and Allah in accordance with what He has instructed in the guidelines of the religion and adhere to the rules of religion and fulfill the obligations. In this respect, Allah the Almighty {aids: said: “To all ofYou who have believed and believed, prayer and kneel and thank God for His blessings and do your best enough to be successful. 

And strive to be pleasing to Allah by doing what is in the name of Allah. He has chosen you and didn’t impose on the shoulders of you any obligation. This is what your father used to do, Abraham. Abraham [i.e., Allahwas calling the people you “Muslims” in the past when he wrote in the previouswritings]|} (Hajj from 77 to 78The Hajj: 77-78. 4. Prayers such as Zakat (charity) and fasting the pilgrimage, or any other method to bring closerness to Allah, and good deeds are all considered to be part of religion. Thus, religion is the righteous.

Action that is in accordance with the foundations of faith, as communicated by the angels. Allah God Almighty stated Al-Anbiya: 2526. Allah the Most Almighty also begged his Prophet God’s peace to announce that it is [Al-An’am 162[Al-An’am: 162]. Allah also{ said: “AWe have been instructed to worship God the creator of the universes. * And to make a vow to the practice of praying and be fearful by God.” And that is because it’s the Lord who will lead you in a group. .|*|The |verse|Verse} (Al-An’am: 71-72). 5 –

Based on this notion Ibn Taymiyyah developed his belief the worship of God is an aspect of form of religion by declaring: “You ask about religion since religion is worship and there is not a single member of the religious community who is not willing to take part in the rituals of worship performed by those of religion and is not then a part of any other religion or declare that he doesn’t have any religious belief. 

You also inquire regarding rituals of worship and worship is an obligation to obey, as those who follow Allah by obeying His commandments and is not willing to follow, is worshipping God, and whoever obeys the Shaytan in his beliefs about religion and their actions has worshipped the Shaytan. Do you realize that God has warned those who do not abide by the law by saying: “Didn’t I tell you”O Adam’s”? their dedication to Shaytan was to obey his commands.

Shaytan was to follow his instructions in their faith. “[4According to the previous explanation that whenever good deeds are mentioned they are in the Quran or in the Sunnah or even the Prophet they are a sign of worship, obedience and closeness to Allah which includes acts that are based on heart, such as sincerity of intention and a righteous conviction capable of dispelling doubt and polytheism and physical actions. 

Therefore, the definition of good deeds is a variety and include everything that Allah The Almighty has decreed to be required and pleasing practices of worship. If you’re an Muslim performs these actions in obedience to Allah’s Lord and respecting His rules and looking for the blessings of Allah in doing them is not one of those who are righteous and perform actions. The primary element of morally righteous act is worship. 

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Its fundamental ideas are described within the Jibril hadith (AS) and include prayer and zakah fasting and pilgrimage. They are among the principles of Islam that aren’t permitted to diminish or reduce the importance of. The Muslim in performing any actions of good conduct, has be aware of the following meanings:

1. Do not rush in your acts It’s something that is proven by the words of Allah Almighty Al-Imran. 333. Al-Imran: 133. And the statement of Allah God Almighty that Al-Hadid is 21 Allah also mentions the prophet who was called the prophet from Allah, Musa, peace be upon his soul: (Taha: 85). He also gave praise to Zakariya and said he wished him peace and all of the other members.

household: [Al-Anbiya’: 90]. 2. Maintaining the actions by keeping alertness and regularity.

As stated by the Almighty{: “Remain on the right path according to the direction you’ve been given by Allah, and the ones who turned their backs with you to Allahto Allah and keep your distance from transgressions. Indeed, Allah is aware of your actions.|The Almighty’s words are|(Hud: 112).} (Hud: 112).

 This zeal is evident in the manner of conduct of the servants who are close to Allah Almighty toward their worship, as revealed in the {verse: verse: “Only people who believe in our verses that, when inspired by them, go into prostration and praise Allah in praise of Their Lord and do not appear proud.


 * Their sides split [i.e. they get upfrom their bed; they offer prayers to their Lord with fear and in awe, and from what We have given them They spend.|The verse:|It is} ([Sajdah 15 and 1615 and 16. Allah may be glorified. Him also states: [Adh-Dhariyat 17-19]. And in His words”Glory be to Him (Al-Furqan 64: 64).(Al-Furqan: 64). 3. The expectation of acceptance, but the anxiety that you will not be accepted like in the Allah Says: And those who give what they have while their hearts are afraid [ 60[Al-Mu’minun: 60]. The Prophet also states: Indeed, Allah will only accept the righteous (Al-Ma’idah 27).

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