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Ibrahim (AS) was a man of many sacrifices in the name of Allah. He was given the title Khalilullah-friend to Allah due to his unwavering faith and faith in Allah. In the case of Hajj the pilgrims must complete two manasik (rites) which pay tribute to Ibrahim and Hajar’s sacrifices to the name of Allah:

The first.

Ibrahim (AS) had to leave his family by Allah’s favor. The family was required to abandon his wife Hajar and their son Ismail (AS) within the desert. Hajar made a massive sacrifice in deciding to remain at the edge of the desert and surrender to Allah and acknowledging that Allah is the sole source of all provision. Hajar was running through the hills searching for waters and Allah made the Zamzam source Zamzam which flows.

Every year, Hajj pilgrims run through Safa and Marwa to commemorate her sacrifice, determination and confidence in Allah.

Second right

Ibrahim (AS) Ibrahim (AS) was one of the victims of a frequent dream in which Allah telling about the deeds of his Son Ismail (AS). Ibrahim had a desire to be a child for a long time , however when Allah requested that he give up his child and did as Allah’s order.

Then Ismail was able to discover the dream of his father and believed that it was an omen from Allah and resolved to offer his life for Allah’s sake. Ibrahim put on his blindfold in order to make sure he would not witness any the son’s suffering. The father sacrificed the son and then took off the blindfold.

It was later discovered that Ismail did not suffer any injuries and in the last moment Ismail got replaced by the ram. Allah has confirmed to Ibrahim that He has successfully completed the test of obedience.

This day, Muslims sacrifice an animal on the day of Eid al-Adha – and during the Hajj pilgrimage in order to remember Ibrahim’s sacrifice. Ibrahim (AS) sacrificed his life for benefit Allah.

The stories of prophets and their families are not just stories. We’re required to learn lessons from these stories and implement them in our lives.

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Continue to follow the traditions of Ibrahim. In your daily life, by observing the 9 guidelines below:

9 things you must give up in the name of Allah


“Indeed, Allah has given the believers’ lives and properties for the purpose for they will be able to enjoy Paradise …” (Quran 9:111)

Allah has blessed us with wealth in many different ways, such as property money, property, as well as jewellery. He advises us to get rid of these things to gain heaven. We purify our possessions by creating Zakat but we can also make Sadaqah. We can choose to donate the money we earn to to build wells, fight disease, and aid those who are fleeing conflict. We’re willing to offer all our wealth for charity to Allah and in return, Allah gives us Jannah. This is a fantastic promise!

2. Arguments

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him declared, “I guarantee a house in the outskirts of Paradise for those who leave debates, regardless of whether he’s in the right and an apartment in middle Paradise for those who refuse to believe lying even when laughing, and a house in the most prestigious portion of Paradise for someone who makes his character outstanding. ” (Abu Dawud)

It’s hard be able to give up a disagreement. We are conditioned to try to prove the person before us wrong and Shaytan is pushing us to demonstrate that he is wrong. It is more difficult to walk away from an argument when you are certain that you’re right. The Prophetic Quran (PBUH) gives us an explanation in this hadith for us to take a step back from a debate regardless of whether or not you’re right and have a place to stay on the outskirts Paradise.

3. Lies

Certain individuals are known for putting together big stories. They use what they call “little little white lies.” There are those who lie when laughing and aren’t believed as not lying at all. The Prophet (PBUH) was well-known for not lying even when laughing and to encourage those who are today to adhere to this incredible Sunnah The Prophet (PBUH) affirms that if we do not keep in a state of lying, even when having fun, Allah will reward us with a place in paradise. What a fantastic reward for a small amount of sacrifice! Allah Is Al-Kareem. the Most He is Merciful.

4.Bad characters

The two mentioned above lying and debate are both aspect of a character that is not good as are other bad qualities like being a cheater and treating people with disrespect and doing cruel things to weak and children. In putting these vices aside and taking a decision to purify our hearts, and in turn our actions will be a sign of love and will be cherished by Allah.

If we make the decision to enhance our character in order to please Allah we are choosing the discipline of self-correction instead of of remaining stuck in bad behaviors. Being selfish is not difficult, but it’s difficult to be generous. The most effective method of deceiving anyone, however, it can be fun to deceive someone, however it’s harder to build an honest existence. That’s why it’s a necessity to make a sacrifice. In exchange for our sacrifice , we receive an apartment in the highest part of Paradise. Allahu Akbar!

5. Nafs

Nafs is the lower self or ego that is responsible for our character flaws. Nafs is the guide for us to become unrighteous. It’s a call to commit sin. It wants us to argue among ourselves. It’s committed to winning at every cost. The ego can cause us to be self-centered and arrogant and keep us from recognizing the truth. If we are able to control our egos to the benefit of Allah He helps us self-correction is easy for us. When we take our very first move, Allah is waiting to greet us along the way.

6. Desires

Nafs is also a part of us that desires for us to satisfy our desires. Allah requires that we cease from fulfilling your desires in a non-haram way and instead, he commands us to fulfill these needs in a way that’s Halal. Desires can manifest in a variety of ways and most of them are allowed within Islam when they are within the right context. So, adhere to the Sunnah that was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and perform what is permissible with moderate manner and within the limitations set by Allah.

7. Relationships

Sometimes, people are in relationships that shouldn’t. It could be that they are engaged in an extramarital or premarital relationship. It’s also possible they are involved in a relationship which is detrimental to them.

akhirah. The decision to break these relationships in the honor of Allah can be a chance to be blessed with Allah’s blessings and mercy.

8. Drinks and food

It’s an easy concept to comprehend. When we fast (in Ramadan or otherwise) we quit eating, drink and wants for the purpose of Allah. We endure lengthy periods of hunger and hungry in Allah’s name. This is why the reward for fasting is so special that Allah provides it to us personally at the time of judgement. The Day of Judgement. The Day of Arafah falls during the first 10 weeks of Dhul Hijjah. This is a day every one of us should to take advantage of by fasting to cleanse ourselves of past year’s sins and for the year ahead.

When asked about the practice of fasting on the Day of Arafah, the Messenger (PBUH) declared “It is a way to pay for the sins from the previous year and the next year.” (Muslim)

9. You are passionate about something that you’re obsessed with

Sometimes, we have to give up the thing or person that we love for the sake of Allah since it’s leading people to Allah. If it’s a job we love or someone we love sometimes, the things we value can create an obstacle in between ourselves and Allah. In these situations, tough choices have to be made. However, there’s an upside for those who make this risky decision:

Abu Qatadah reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Verily, you will never let anything go to the benefit of Allah Almighty, but Allah will replace it with something superior.” (Ahmad)

It’s full of optimistic and faith. Allah is so merciful. Not only does Allah providing you with similar amounts of things you have given Him. but He also provides more. This isn’t limited to this last part of the list however, it applies to each and every one of them. If you’re willing sacrifice something in order to Allah, please Allah, Allah gives you something more. Allahu Akbar!

10. Dunya

We may not be able to fully grasp the degree of our hearts connected to the dunya until it’s time to release it for the sake of Allah. You can give up the dunya through one of the most simple of actions: give the time you’ve spent browsing social networks or watching movies to read your Quran and to discover more about Islam. How about sacrificing a part of your sleep time and rise to the hour of Tahajjud to be to Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala.

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May Allah grant us the capacity to establish a firm faith, just like Hajar and Ibrahim (AS) in addition to and the strength and determination to let go of everything that is preventing us from getting closer to and Allah to become more close with Him. Amen!

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