Is Liposuction Haram? Updates 2023

Is Liposuction Haram? Today’s global of medicine is able to doing things that was once taken into consideration not possible. From heart transplants to complex mind surgical procedures, it’s making lifestyles easier and more secure for anybody.

However, on the subject of beauty surgeries together with liposuction, things get a touch complex. In Islam, liposuction surgical treatment is authorized in a few cases, and not permissible for the rest. 

Undergoing vital surgery that includes liposuction is taken into consideration halal consistent with Islamic scholars. On the alternative hand, Islamic pupils do not forget liposuction accomplished for the purposes of beautification is not taken into consideration permissible.

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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty is a surgical operation that involves disposing of fat from different regions of the body mainly hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly. The intention of this cosmetic surgical treatment is to enhance the form of the body component.

Liposuction surgical procedure may be in addition divided into two classes: essential surgery and surgical operation for beautification. 

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When is Liposuction Halal in Islam?

Essential surgeries are achieved in order to get rid of faults that resulted from an accident, sickness, or burn, or congenital defects that a person is born with which include a fused digit. Essential cosmetic surgical procedures are commonly customary and considered permissible in Islam and there’s evidence in Sunnah that supports it as mentioned in the fatwa (supply). 

According to this Islamic scholar (source), the elimination of fats is allowed completely for therapeutic functions, as an instance, whilst there’s a lot fat that it endangers the life of a Muslim (supply). On pinnacle of that, it should additionally fulfill the following conditions:

1.      There had been no safe and less expensive methods of losing weight obviously together with via exercise or weight loss plan. 

2.     Credible medical doctors accredited the manner to be safe and with a particularly excessive danger of achievement.

Learn greater approximately while all types of plastic surgical treatment are taken into consideration halal or now not.

is liposuction haram, is it haram to get liposuction, is liposuction haram in islam, is liposuction haram, fat muslim ,is being fat haram, is it haram to be fat
When is Liposuction Haram in Islam?

Islamic scholars don’t forget liposuction surgical procedure that is accomplished for the cause of beautification as haram (source). They believe that liposuction is haram for the subsequent 2 reasons:

  • It’s forbidden to go through surgical techniques for beautification as they’re alleged to alter Allah’s creation.
  • During such surgical procedures, one regularly has to disclose the Awrah (body components that must be included). In Islam, it’s forbidden to voluntarily reveal one’s Awrah besides between spouses.

Islamic scholars reference this verse in the Quran to guide their argument:

and I will lead them off target and I will tempt them with false hopes and provide them my order so that they shall slit the ears of livestock and I will give them my order so they shall modify the creation of Allah. And whoever takes Satan as a pal instead of Allah has incurred an obvious loss.

Surah Al-Nisa, verse 119 [Maarif-ul-Quran] (source)

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Fatwas about Liposuction Surgery

So what have we learned to this point? Islamic pupils believe that liposuction is permissible if completed as a part of an essential surgical treatment but its no longer taken into consideration permissible if accomplished for beautification functions.

Here are some resources of Fatwa that show this summary.

In several fatwas including the Islamicweb fatwa group (supply), Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid (supply), and others have said that during several fatwas.

In certainly one of his fatwas, Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid says approximately cosmetic surgical procedure:

Those which can be unnecessary and are not completed to remove a fault but as a substitute to boom beauty. This is haraam and is not permissible, due to the fact the Messenger of Allah (S) cursed women who pluck eyebrows, the ones who have their eyebrows plucked, people who restore hair extensions, the ones who have hair extensions accomplished, folks that do tattoos and those who’ve tattoos carried out, because that is done as an enhancement and is not performed to get rid of faults.

Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid (source)

Speaking of changing your hair, research greater approximately whether demise your hair is considered haram or now not.

Another fatwa states:

We have formerly defined several instances on our website that some sorts of cosmetic surgical operation are permissible, namely that which is achieved to treat a fault, do away with a deformity and so forth, and a few kinds are haraam and aren’t allowed, namely that that is completed completely for the purpose of beautification.

Islam QA (source)

Undergoing cosmetic surgeries for the purposes of beautification alters Allah’s creation and is consequently taken into consideration Haram. In any case, it’s first-class to talk about your individual case with a reliable Islamic pupil before taking the next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is Tummy Tucker Haram?

Tummy tuckers, or abdominoplasty, are a type of liposuction surgical treatment and therefore can be haram if it is done for cosmetic reasons without any medical advantage. Muslims should seek advice from a medical doctor and Islamic pupil earlier than thinking about this technique to make sure that it’s far permissible in Islam.

2. Is Coolsculpting Haram?

CoolSculpting is a liposuction technique that causes fat cells to freeze and die, taking into consideration the removal of excess fats from the frame. Coolsculpting can be halal as long as it is used for medical purposes or to improve an imbalance in physical proportions and now not entirely for cosmetic motives.  

Muslims have to consult with a physician and Islamic student before considering this manner to test if it’s far permissible in Islam.

3. Is Liposuction Haram If You Are Overweight?

No, liposuction need to no longer be used as a shape of remedy for obesity considering that obesity isn’t considered as a scientific situation in Islam but as an alternative an issue that may be addressed via weight loss plan and exercise. 

Liposuction ought to best be used as a final resort and if it can be avoided, then it have to be. Muslims should discuss with a physician and Islamic pupil before thinking about liposuction surgical procedure to check if it’s miles permissible in Islam.


Is Liposuction Haram? In end, is liposuction haram in Islam? As there may be no clean verdict. Ultimately, it is up to every individual Muslim to determine for themselves based totally upon their very own occasions and ideals regarding what counts as permissible in Islam when it comes to topics such as aesthetics and splendor enhancement processes.

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