Lip Blush Gone Wrong – Infection & Solutions

Lip Blush Gone Wrong – Permanent lip liner was once a massive trend a few years back. People used to get just the outlines of their lips tattooed to make their lips appearance fuller, more symmetrical, and to shorten their lip makeup recurring.

Now, most humans pass for the entire lip blush, which gives a higher enhancement in widespread. But a lot of the ones lip liners that have been performed with old techniques are beginning to come to be lip liner tattoo long past wrong situations.

So, if you locate your self together with your lip liner tattoo looking now not so superb after some years, right here’s what can also have happened and a way to fix it.

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How Can a Lip Liner Tattoo Gone Wrong Situation Happen?

Lip Blush Gone Wrong – Just like with any permanent makeup tattoo, there are 2 foremost businesses of risks – instant ones, like reactions to the remedy, and those that emerge after months or years in the form of strange fading and discoloration.

Let’s recognition on the second one situation first, as this is the most commonplace case of lip liner tattoo long gone wrong.

Your Lip Liner Tattoo Hasn’t Faded and Its Color Turned

Here’s the element – no lip tattoo have to ever go outside of the vermillion border, the edge wherein the skin of the lips meets facial skin. These types of tissue have one-of-a-kind homes, and pigments fade from them differently.

In the past, when lip tattoos most effective commenced gaining recognition, artists didn’t actually recognize how their paintings could look years down the road. They concept it turned into exceptional to move out of doors of the lip to make the pout appearance fuller and add symmetry.

Well, many of those works became to lip liner tattoo long gone incorrect eventualities.

The pace of pigment fading on facial pores and skin and the pores and skin of the lips is exclusive. They don’t even maintain the equal amount of pigment upon initial restoration (lots more pigment is lost on the lips than of facial skin).

So it’s in reality impossible to get the two tattooed areas to mixture and feature a good color.

Years down the line, there is a completely excessive threat that the pigments have dwindled from the lips, even as the line around them is still very visible and has became shade, looks unnatural and is impossible to cowl up with make-up.

This is the maximum common lip liner tattoo long past wrong scenario. If the lip liner tattoo became carried out with conventional tattoo ink rather than PMU pigment, the situation is even worse.

Solutions to Lip Liner Tattoo Gone Wrong

Fortunately, in case you’ve observed yourself with a lip liner tattoo gone wrong, there are now very powerful methods to dispose of it. Unwanted or botched lip liner tattoos across the lips may be eliminated with either laser or non-laser PMU elimination.

Laser Removal

The go-to for tattoo elimination, lasers can dispose of your lip liner tattoo gone wrong very successfully within multiple classes, but there’s a trap.

Lip tattoo pigments frequently incorporate titanium dioxide, a white pigment used to formulate brighter pigments. When touched with the aid of a laser beam, titanium dioxide darkens to grey.

From there, it is able to be in addition removed via laser or non-laser removal, but you have to pass round with the grey outline for numerous weeks between periods.

While laser elimination is usually the safest alternative, with minimum hazard of scarring and tissue harm (while used right), most customers simply don’t want to deal with this worry. Which is comprehensible.

Read greater about laser PMU elimination right here.

Non-Laser Removal

Luckily, there’s an opportunity. Non-laser pigment elimination strategies suggest having the skin above the undesirable pigment opened with the identical method that was used to put in force them, so a PMU system with a needle.

But as soon as the skin is opened, a unique pigment remover answer is deposited into it. It can either be a saline solution or a specific pigment remover. The answer lifts the pigments, and as the injuries to the skin heal and form scabs, a portion of that pigment is extracted.

As you could imagine, this takes time. Depending at the shade and the saturation of the pigment in the skin, it may take 2-10 periods to remove the lip liner tattoo long past incorrect.

Non-laser removal includes no discoloration troubles, however since it works thru scabbing, your lips won’t appearance too appealing for some days after every consultation. It also involves a higher hazard of tissue damage, so be very cautious whilst selecting a removal technician.

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Other Lip Liner Tattoo Gone Wrong Situations

Of route, a lip liner tattoo can go incorrect in other methods, not simply discoloration down the line. Just like with other PMU remedies, there’s the danger of allergies without delay or after some time, contamination, and also you simply not liking it.

Let’s undergo every factor real short.


Pigment hypersensitive reactions are not common, but they can happen. They can manifest themselves as burning, stinging, rashes, and different skin irritations.

You can also be allergic to numbing and any other product used for the duration of the treatment.

But these hypersensitive reactions may be avoided by means of doing a patch test earlier than the treatment, wherein all products are tested on a small patch of your pores and skin, behind the ear or within the crease of your elbow.

However, pigment hypersensitive reactions don’t need to emerge right now. There had been instances wherein a few sort of disturbance, like a laser remedy, can trigger an hypersensitive reaction even if the pigment has been within the pores and skin for years without a problem.

This is extraordinarily rare, however it’s correct to recognize about this possibility.


Since the skin is broken, there’s a risk of infection and next reaction, both throughout the remedy or inside the days after, while the lips are healing. Infections go from slight to intense, and they’re manifested in ache, burning, pus, and many others.

If you notice any of those symptoms, touch your artist.

Infections are avoided by means of going to an authorized, licensed artist who adheres to fitness and safety protocols, and through following the aftercare ordinary.

We have to notice that apart from bacterial contamination, there’s additionally a opportunity of a chilly sore rising attributable to the remedy, even if you’ve by no means had one before.

This isn’t uncommon and it’s not considered an trouble – the cold sore ought to be dealt with, however it shouldn’t affect the results of the remedy.

Here’s more information on lip tattoo infections.

Dissatisfaction with the Results

Finally, there’s also the possibility of you simply no longer liking how the results became out.

If you remorse getting a lip tattoo immediately, we propose you deliver yourself some days to get used to your new look and your lips some time to heal. Chances are you’ll come to be loving the healed consequences.

Of course, this doesn’t practice to situations where it’s clear the tattoo turned into performed poorly. If it’s an obviously botched task where the liner went out of doors the lips, you may want to investigate emergency PMU removal with saline which may be executed within 48 hours of the technique.

Otherwise, you have to await the pores and skin to heal completely before you may get elimination.

But prevention is the nice medicine, so:

  • Get familiar with the remedy ahead so that you understand what to anticipate
  • Research artists cautiously and discover a certified, experienced one whose paintings you want. Here’s a how-to on locating the right artist.
  • Be vocal about your desires, but do not forget your artist’s recommendations
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Final Note – Important!

Lip Blush Gone Wrong – If you need to get a lip liner tattoo outside of your lips and make your mouth appearance fuller, we must disappoint you – this is a bad concept and no experienced artists will conform to do it. Even if you locate an artist who will, we strongly discourage you from going through with it.

Seriously, you don’t need to come to be with a lip liner tattoo long gone incorrect!

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