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5 Benefits of Reciting Quran WBW

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Reciting Quran – Reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation and melodious recitation is a cherished practice among Muslims worldwide. The recitation of the Quran, known as “Tilawah,” holds immense significance in Islamic culture and is considered a spiritual endeavor that…

Learn To Recite Quran WBW

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Recite Quran – Have you ever listened to a melodious recitation of the Qur’an and been excited to learn to recite Quran superbly? Are you continuously striving to decorate your recitation? Do you understand why you must? And do you recognize how…

Holy Quran Quotes on Peace

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Quran Quotes on Peace – War and terrorism are human failings. Some Muslims are twisting a few quantities of the Quran’s charges about peace, struggle, and justice to justify their moves. At the equal time, numerous non-Muslims are false impressions…