Daily Dua (Supplications) For Day 21 of Ramadan

Daily Dua – Ramadan is the exceptional month to make Dua from Allah Almighty. This month is a gift from Allah Almighty that is complete of blessings. In this month, we all have a threat to accept our supplications from Allah.

When someone does a good deed in Ramadan, Allah rewards him 70 times extra than whilst he does a terrific deed on ordinary days. 

Importance of dua

It is stated by way of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that in Ramadan, there may be a time inside the night or each day when the Dua is genuinely popular. In Islam, Dua has a lot significance due to the fact “Dua is the coronary heart of deeds”.

Many human beings make Dua in prostration due to the fact prostration is the excellent vicinity to make Dua. 

Dua for Ramadan

Daily Dua – Allah Almighty has filled the Ramadan month with benefits, rewards, and mercy. Our liked Prophet stated their ummah to make increasingly more supplications within the month of Ramadan. The complete month of Ramadan is a blessing for all Muslims. 

It is also narrated that after the month of Ramadan arrives, the doorways of Jannah are opened, and the doorways of hell are closed. Moreover, it is also narrated that the shaitans have also locked up on this blessed month.

Day 21 Ramadan dua and which means

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

Also recite Surah al-Kadr as in many instances as feasible.

Meaning: O Allah, in this day, display me the manner to win Your satisfaction, do no longer permit Shaytan have a method over me, make Paradise an home and a resting region for me, O the One who fulfills the requests of the needy.

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Dua for 3rd Ashra of Ramadan

Daily Dua – The 3rd Ashra maintains from 21st Ramadan to twenty ninth or 30th Ramadan. The final ten days of Ramadan are very critical for all Muslims because they may get freedom from hell through their Dua.

It is also said that if Muslims have wasted their previous 20 days of Ramadan and did no longer make any Dua in 1st or 2d Ashra, still, they have a chance of forgiveness within the last Ashra. They can set themselves free from the fire of hell through their Dua and ibadah. 

The 1/3 Ashra Dua is:

O Allah, shop me from the fireplace. 

Daily Dua – Lilatul Qadr is one of the effective nights, and it is higher than a thousand months. This night is one of the exceptional chances for Muslims to are looking for forgiveness from Allah Azzawajal. It is the golden time for all Muslims. Hazrat Aisha (R.A.) said that ‘I asked the Messenger of Allah: ‘O Messenger of Allah if I know what night time is the night of Qadr, what ought to I say in the course of it?’ Prophet (S.A.W.) recited the Dua that is given under:

O Allah, certainly You are Pardoning, [Generous,] You love to pardon, so pardon me. 

All Muslims have to recite this Dua often. You can recite this Dua within the third Ashra of Ramadan as well as the entire 12 months to are seeking mercy from Allah Almighty. 

Importance of 1st, 2nd, and third Ashra Dua’s in Ramadan

The Holy month of Muslims is Ramadan, and it’s miles declared by means of the closing Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In the 1st Ashra, Muslims ask for mercy from Allah; within the 2nd Ashra, Muslims apologize, and inside the 3rd Ashra, Muslims ask for freedom from hell.

All those Ashra Dua’s are just like a present from our lord as it includes the highest rewards. Through these Ramadan Dua’s, we all have a threat to get or to are searching for mercy, blessings, forgiveness, and Nijat from the hearth of hell. Our Holy Prophet has defined in element the significance of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ashra’s. 

Before I move into the history pages for the Death of fourth caliph Imam Ali RA, permit me add here one of his stunning strains, Imam e Ali RA said,

“Life consists of two days, one for you and one in opposition to you. So whilst it’s for you don’t be proud or reckless, and when it’s against you be affected person, for both days are check for you.” (Imam Ali RA)

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An evaluation of Hazrat Ali RA’s reign

Daily DuaAt the factor while the Prophet Muhammad SAW died in Medina inside the year 632 of the Christian Era, he turned into the maximum notable discern in Arabia. His nearest male family member changed into his cousin Ali ibn Abu Talib RA, the kid of Muhammad SAW’s uncle.

To keep him from destitution, Ali RA were raised inside the Prophet’s family unit from childhood and he later wedded Muhammad’s little lady Fatima. Presently round 32, he might also were considered as too youthful to even recollect succeeding Muhammad SAW. Hazrat e Abu Bakr RA became chosen as first caliph, the Prophet SAW’s dad-in-law, and possibly the maximum seasoned associate and companions. He died years later.

In the intervals of Umar RA and Uthman RA, Islam started out its triumphant walk out of Arabia into the more giant world. Middle Easterner militia vanquished Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Persia and infiltrated alongside the North African coast. Caliph Uthman RA become martyred in 656 by using mutinous squaddies in Medina. After that Ali RA became presented the caliphate, after a few dithering he acknowledged.

Hazrat e Ali RA, who had moved his capital to Kufa in present-day Iraq at this point, might now not well known the choice. A amassing of inflexible Muslims referred to as Kharijites (‘seceders’) currently betrayed him and one of them wounded him with a harmed blade whilst he went to supplicate at the Kufa mosque in 661.

Ali RA died a few days after the incident. At his solicitation, it’s miles stated, his entombment area turned into stored hidden, but it’s far, for the most element, regular to were within the gift Imam Ali mosque at Najaf in Iraq, close Kufa, that’s a tremendous spot of the adventure.

During Ali RA’s Rule

During Ali’s rule, besides for Syria (which become below Muawiyah I’s control) and Egypt (misplaced over the last long intervals of his caliphate to the modern infantrymen of Amr ibn Al-A’as), the staying ten territories had been heavily influenced by means of him, with out a alternate inside the managerial association.

The areas had been additionally remoted into the locale. Every one among them as a minimum a hundred locales of the area, along the precept urban regions, had been regulated through a senator (Wāli). Different officials at the commonplace stage had been:

  • Katib, the Chief Secretary.
  • Katib-ud-Diwan, the Military Secretary.
  • Sahib-ul-Kharaj, the Revenue Collector.
  • Sahib-ul-Ahdath, the Police boss.
  • Sahib-ul-Bait-ul-Mal, the Treasury Officer.
  • Qadi, the Chief Judge.
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The incident of Death and Its Background

Daily Dua – Ali changed into the caliph after the dying of Uthman RA in 656. Anyway, he faced restrict from positive agencies which includes the Levant consultant, Muawiyah I. A not unusual war, known as the First Fitna, befell inside the early Islamic country which added approximately the oust of the Rashidun caliphs and the muse of the Umayyad management.

It started while the caliph Uthman ibn Affan became killed in 656 and proceeded via the 4-yr rule of Ali RA. After Ali RA consented to intervention with Muawiyah I following the Battle of Siffin (657), a rebellion befell in opposition to him with the aid of positive individuals from his military, later known as Kharijites (“the individuals who depart”). They slaughtered a part of Ali RA’s supporters, but they have been squashed by means of Ali RA’s powers on the Battle of Nahrawan in July 658.

Ibn Muljam got together with two special Kharijites to be specific al-Burak ibn Abd Allah and Amr ibn Bakr al-Tamimi at Mecca, and inferred that the circumstance of the Muslims on the time was because of Ali, Muawiah and Amr ibn As (Nauzu Billa Min Zalik), the legislative head of Egypt.

They selected to kill the three a good way to determine the “woeful situation” of their time and avenge their partners killed at Nahrawan. Meaning to execute Ali RA, Ibn Muljam made a beeline for Kufa where he fell in love with a girl whose sibling and father had died at Nahrawan. She consented to wed him if no person but he should execute Ali RA. Subsequently, Ali RA was reduce via Ibn Muljam on the Great Mosque of Kufa. After Ali RA’s demise, Ibn Muljam became carried out in reprisal by Hasan ibn Ali.

It become a splendid loss indeed. .May he relaxation assure in peace, Ameen.

Day 21,Ramadan Dua for Day 21, Day 21, beginning of ramadan,fasting times ramadan ,how many days until ramadan 2022,is ramadan a holiday,kyrie irving ramadan,mubarak ramadan


These are Ramadan supplications that all of us need to recite each day because Ramadan is a month complete of advantages that come once a yr. So, we all want to recite the Ramadan supplications at any time to are looking for forgiveness and mercy from Allah Almighty. These Dua’s are for our protection and safety from hell or to get Nijat from the fireplace of hell.

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