Innallaha Ma Sabireen ( إِنَّ اللّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ )

What’s the meaning behind the Arabic term”Innallaha ma Sabireen? The meaning of the saying innallaha ma sabireen, in English can be described as “Surely, Allah is with those that are patient”. It focuses on the Islamic notion of sabr which means perseverance, endurance and perseverance. For the Muslim, Sabr represents one of two aspects of the religion. If You get more , So please Click on It , The Holy Quran Word by Word (wbw quran).

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Quran Corner

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Innallaha Ma Sabireen Meaning

The correct pronunciation for the phrase can be Innallaha Ma Sabireen, which is the Arabic word for Sabireen meaning In fact, Allah () is with those who are patient.

The Prophet Hazrat Mohammad () claimed that the case of Momin is quite bizarre and he says that when he has to face problems, he perseveres or, if he finds joy, he says Shukr (thankful) in gratitude to Allah ().

In each case, Allah () will give him his reward. This is the beauty of Momin simply because he maintains the faith in times of trials. Even The Prophet () stated the thorn touches at the feet of the Momin his reward will be also given to him. Online Quran Tutor WhatsApp +92301736350

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In the Quran Surah Baqarah verse 153 Allah says:


In Arabic, this phrase is written as

Innallaha Ma Sabireen is a famous Quranic verse which translates to “God is with us.”

Innallaha Ma Sabireen is a famous Quranic verse which means, “God is with us.” This verse is often used by people who has difficulties and requires help. In addition, it can be used as an alternative to a WhatsApp Status or as DP meaning you can access it anywhere you go. It’s also a great method improve your online profile and make it appear attractive. Once you’ve got it, you’ll never be able to survive without it.

The Innallaha Ma Sabireen is an enchanting Islamic phrase in the sura al-Imran chapter 3 verse 200. It translates to “Seek help through patience and prayer.” Furthermore it refers to “God is with the steadfast”. This is a powerful phrase that has numerous benefits to members of the Muslim community. It can help strengthen your faith and shield you from the pointless events that are commonplace in life. It’s a great opportunity to start your day and end it by reading a positive quote

Arabic Corner

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innallaha ma sabireen meaning,innallaha ma as sabireen,innallaha ma sabireen,innallaha ma sabireen in arabic, innallaha ma as sabireen in arabic, innallaha ma as sabireen, innallaha ma sabireen in arabic,innallaha ma sabireen meaning, inna lillahi ma sabireen meaning


Because the Ummah is entrusted with global leadership (currently in the year 2019, there is 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe, representing about 25% of global population) it is essential that proper guidance is given.

Muslims will be confronted with all sorts of hardships, we’ll endure all sorts of trials and endure all types of hardship. This is the reason Allah has said in Surah Baqarah Ayat 53 Allah declares, surely he will be there for the sufferer.

The Muslims who persevere and stay in the path of God regardless of the dangers will be rewarded with a huge amount.

It may seem like a straightforward word, but it encompasses an entire set of virtues and beliefs that transcends the notion of “just waiting”. It’s the secret to success, and is a rare quality to be found in a person.


The best method to learn how to use this phrase is to observe how Muslims in other countries utilize it in their daily conversations. We visited Facebook and Twitter, and here’s how the phrase”inallaha ma sabireen” is utilized:

Example #1:
If you’re at the point to give up keep in mind that Allah closes one of the doors through his Hikma as well as opens the other two more through His Rahma. Sabr Your soul is tired. InnAllaha Sabreen.

Example #2:
We wish to be there with you all in this moment. Innallaha Ma Assabireen.

Example #3:
Hope Everything Is Alright Praying For Assam Stay Safe It’s Just Bad Phase Come Back Soon Innallaha Ma As Sabireen

Example #4:
Keep in peace… Allah ma’as salaam. Verily Allah will be with you.

Example #5:
A person insulted you, a neighbor was rude to you A family member acted rudely You were harmed by someone else, etc… SABR SABR . No Retribution – Online Quran Tutor WhatsApp +923017363500

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innallaha ma sabireen meaning,innallaha ma as sabireen,innallaha ma sabireen,innallaha ma sabireen in arabic, innallaha ma as sabireen in arabic, innallaha ma as sabireen, innallaha ma sabireen in arabic,innallaha ma sabireen meaning, inna lillahi ma sabireen meaning

Sabr And Shukr leads to Jannah

Once , there was an outstanding Islamic scholar who was full of expertise and knowledge in the area of Islam However, the most notable thing that was his face was extremely dark and unattractive.

Based on his experience his knowledge, the parents of a gorgeous girl decided to marry their daughter to the Islamic scholar after observing his proficiency in Islamic knowledge.

The girl was truly beautiful, attractive and beautiful her beauty was breathtaking and, since she was from a reputable family she was planning the wedding.

After the marriage, each time the scholar is at home, he tells his wife that you’re too Jannati (heavenly) as well. that I am too Jannati then she smiles and then leaves.

When the mood of her wasn’t great because sometimes, disaffection can be seen between married couples When she was in a tizzy mood, the scholar (husband) came to the house and told her that you’re also Jannati and I’m Jannati.

The girl told you that you just talk about this, but do you know anything more and if you’d said those words, then describe to me why your name is Jannati as well as how I’m Jannati?

The scholar told you that your family’s actions have ruined your wedding with me being aware of my experience, and who doesn’t look attractive on the face. And as you are the queen of beauty, why should you be patient (Sabr)?

When my face appears before your eyes, you are unsure of who the person is, but he’s my husband. You do Sabr. His wife was adamant The scholar then stated that this is that patience is the result of Jannat and that’s the reason you’re Jannati. Jannati.

His wife was then curious about what you do for Jannati? The scholar told me that every time I see you, I say Shukr (thankful) for Allah () the reason why an African-American man whose appearance was not beautiful, got such an attractive wife.

Then you’re Jannati due to Sabr (patience) while I’m Jannati due to doing Shukr.

It is crucial to keep track of each of Sabr and Shukr because it could take the way to Jannah.

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Quotes Innallaha Ma As Sabireen

Hazrat Umar (RA) stated that we’ve had the best life if we are patient. Hazrat Ali once said that patience holds the same place in the faith that the head is in the body. Hazrat Ali once said that patience is a journey that does not stumble.

Hazrat Harith once said that everything has a core. The human essence is intellect and the core of intelligence is patience.

Hazrat Shaqiq Balkhi stated”Patience and contentment” are two kinds of happiness. When you first begin to do something, the first step is patience and the ending is happiness.

Hazrat Dhu Al-Noon stated”Patience is the word of not disobeying to the orders of Allah peace and happiness after drinking a glass of pain, and proving that one is wealthy even though one is in need in life’s spheres.

Hazrat Abu Ali Al-Daqaq was quoted as saying”The patient achieved the glory of both worlds as they gained the protection of Allah All-powerful. Thus, Allah is with the patient.

Imam Qustalani states that among of the characteristics of love for Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is to be patient. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is to be patient when suffering. Since this is the case, the person who is loved gets so much pleasure that he is able to forget the pain and pain that afflicts other people doesn’t reach him.

We must be cautious that we don’t make a call to God not just in times of need, but also during periods of wealth.

Let’s cultivate patience in our daily lives.

If one of your loved ones has passed away, this verse can help you and will help you to be patient. If that is the situation, this phrase “Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihe Rajeoon” could help you. Online Quran Tutor WhatsApp +92301736350

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