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Buy a Modern Herbal by M Grieve:  Plants and herbs are the basic and essential part of human existence and survival. These plants and herbs not only keep the environment balanced but also provide us oxygen and fuel to run the life. These plants and trees are the greatest and last defense line against the global warming. The basic knowledge about the plants and the herbs is very necessary to learn as the human being and the part of the ecosystem.

 It is interesting to note that different geographical tracts have different kinds of plants and herbs with unlimited properties. Books on botany will provide you a lot of basic information about the utility and advantageous of the similar kinds of the plants. We are the part of nature and nature is part of our life and both are necessary for each other and one cannot survive without the other. Existence of the humanity depends entirely on the oxygen provided by these plants and herbs.

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The modern herbal is right guideline to follow for knowing the remedies of the different ailments. The herbs are found in our surrounding areas and vegetable shops. For example golden rod, ragwort and devil’s bit have won their names among the herbs for successful curing of the different diseases and ailments. The herb like dandelion is known for the treatment of liver disorders and horseradish helps in getting rid of scurvy. These are prepared with modern methods to convert them into useful remedies.

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These modern remedies with the help of medieval ire worked upon to improve their strength and power. Researches have been made with different herbs by the physicians on the scientific grounds and support. Work is also done on the   recorded folklore to know the reality behind them.

Each entry is made with careful and experimental basis to prove whether or not these herbs have any beneficial effects on the human ailments. Modern herbal is a kind of encyclopedia that covers each and every herb, grass shrub, fungus, and tree which can be thought. The modern herbs cover the vast variety from Abscess Root to zedoary. The herbs were tested for their medicinal prosperities, anatomies, and botanical classification. The author Mrs. Greives has been successful in combining a kind of encyclopedia of the modern herbal plants more than 800 varieties.

These entries were made neatly and are filled with limitless amount of information on the methods like cultivation, chemical constituents, and dosages, preparation of extracts, tincture and food. Along with these uses, they are also used for cosmetic purposes to beautify the face and other body organs. The modern herbal book contains recipes of lotion, ointment, sauces, wines, vinegar, brandies, and even prescription of tonics and liniments to encounter any ailment which can hit human life.

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Each and every page of the book modern herbal contains something to attract the readers and the students interested in traditional method of treating the different ailments.

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