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Herbal Magick:  Plants and herbs are the basic and essential part of human existence and survival. These plants and herbs not only keep the environment balanced but also provide us oxygen and fuel to run the life. These plants and trees are the greatest and last defense line against the global warming. The basic knowledge about the plants and the herbs is very necessary to learn as the human being and the part of the ecosystem.

It is interesting to note that different geographical tracts have different kinds of plants and herbs with unlimited properties. Books on botany will provide you a lot of basic information about the utility and advantageous of the similar kinds of the plants. We are the part of nature and nature is part of our life and both are necessary for each other and one cannot survive without the other. Existence of the humanity depends entirely on the oxygen provided by these plants and herbs.

Herbal magik is the encyclopedia that contains the basic properties of the plants. These plants have the magic to show which is performed by the roots, stalks, leaves, flowers and even bark. The book is thus helpful in getting to know all these characteristics that are hidden in the natural source in the form of plants and herbs. Magik herb addresses the secrets of nature and thus nature, in return, gives and provides the different characteristics and benefits that are offered by these little plants and herbs.




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The book is on the herbal magik and is about the magic that can be performed by these plants in the remedies of the various ailments. The East in famous for its magic but due to these plants which have strange effects on the ailments that a person has to pass through during his life cycle. Interesting thing is that it does not affect any harmful effects on the patients which are common in the use of the pills of allopathic. The knowledge of these plants can be very handy in the daily life to avoid the unpleasant effects and flavor of the pills that are available in the markets for the relief of pain, headache, stress etc.  

Magick herbs are the special gifts that are sent to man in the form of lowly vegetables, herbs and plants. These plants and herbs contain precious treasures for the patients suffering from different diseases. People have been using these plants and herbs for centuries to cure the different ailments and have proved very effective in these ailments. These herbs and plants precious gifts and can be kept and grown in the home courtyard. To know their properties and specifications, one has to be the basic knowledge about these plants and the herbal amgick book is best for learning all these skills.

Get the copy and you would be obliged for having such magical book in your library collection.

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