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This article will show you a way to locate the model number of your Dell pc, the usage of the identification label, specs and the Dell Support Assistant.

Locate the Model Number from the Identification Label

The model variety of the Dell computer may be covered on product labels which can be connected to the computer’s frame or cardboard packaging. The product label can be placed in exclusive locations. According to Dell Support:

  • Cover, base or lower back of the product
  • Battery compartment
  • Screen, keyboard trim or palm rest

The RegModel identifies the Model. Other alphanumerical data is displayed on the label, consisting of the u. S . Of starting place, IEC (Information Technology Equipment Safety), number and Dell Part Number (DP/N).

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This range is called the Service Tag. You can locate your Dell guide options using the Service Tag, Express Service Code or Serial Number.

Go to Windows Settings

The Windows System display displays the device configuration. You have numerous options to attain the Settings display. This will take you to the About display screen, where Dell mentions your version range.

  • Right-click the Start link and pick System inside the menu.
  • Windows Setting will appear on the About screen.
  • Device specifications list the make and version numbers.
For Windows, use the Dell Support Assist Application.

Support Assist, a Dell maintenance program, is pre-mounted for all Dell PCs. You can download it from the Dell Support website if it isn’t there. The app presents the model variety at the pinnacle of the screen.

Open Windows Search by clicking the Start Menu. Type Support Assist.

In the quest results, pick Support Assist.

The Support Assist domestic display opens and displays the model range and provider tag of your laptop.

Use the Windows System Information Window

Windows System Information, an administrative tool that provides a complete precis of the specifications of a computer, which includes your Dell version wide variety, is referred to as Windows System Information. It can be opened in numerous approaches.

  • Click Start, then enter system records within the search container. Select the end result.
  • To open the Run field, use the Windows + R shortcut. In the Open field, type “msinfo32“. Enter through urgent
  • Go to Start > Windows Administration ToolsInformation.

On the Summary display, the System Information window opens. Scroll right down to Model. This fee is for the Dell model variety.
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Use the BIOS Settings of your Laptop

To find the model number of your laptop, you want to avoid going into Windows. To discover more excellent approximately the hardware and version quantity of your Dell laptop, enter BIOS at some point in the boot.

Turn on the power supply on your pc.

To enter the BIOS, press the critical twice consistently with 2d as quickly as the Dell logo seems. Alternate BIOS key combos are available if the F2 key does not paintings.

The BIOS is a critical display that will show the model variety of your pc. Other Information consists of the Service tag quantity underneath Information.

What is the Serial Number?

You need to know the model variety of your pc. It is critical to pick out the wide version variety of your pc, as numerous models come beneath distinct brand names or product lines.

A unique wide variety that can be used to pick out the version quantity helps you test your warranty, discover well-suited parts, or the right manual will make getting the support you want less complicated.


How to find the product number of a Dell computer keyboard.

It may be frustrating to find yourself in dire need of a brand-new keyboard. However, finding the product variety of the keyboard which will get the substitute can be irritating.

You do not need to break your System and make matters worse. How do you locate the model variety of a pc key?

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Be particular

First, it’s far essential to be particular. Although it might seem like a straightforward keyboard description will work, numerous exceptional Dell keyboards look comparable.

To keep away from any further troubles, ensure that the product is, in reality, diagnosed.

The satisfactory manner to head approximately it is to locate the precise model number of your System. From this, you may decide the type of keyboard.

This quantity is usually placed on or close to the barcode label (which is located on all Dell hardware). The six digits that observe the 2-digit US. Prefix will comprise the Dell element quantity. This suggests the use of an of manufacture.

Making sense of serial numbers

The part variety you seek is the five digits following the u. S . A . Prefix or the primary 0. It might look like this:

  • CN = Country prefix (China). This component become synthetic in China.
  • Zero = Do no longer forget about the first 0 after the u. S . A . Prefix.
  • YW6W9 = We would like to locate the Dell Part Number.
  • 65890-4CI-5500J = This part of the serial numbers would be unique for each Dell Model.
  • –A00 = This refers to the revision of the component.

Most components of Dell are synthetic in China. Therefore, maximum serial numbers will start with CN-zero. However, there are also:

  • TH-0 = Thailand
  • KR0 = South Korea
  • JP0 = Japan
  • US0 = United States

This product number will permit you to be quickly aware of the keyboard you require for the particular System.

If a client asks for particular Information, we will need the “YW6W9”, a part of the instance above, and the revision “A00” if essential.

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Questions and Answers

Q: What is a Dell part number?

A: A Dell part number is a unique identifier that is assigned to a specific component or accessory produced by Dell.

Q: Why do I need to look up a Dell part number?

A: You may need to look up a Dell part number if you need to replace a faulty component or upgrade your Dell computer system.

Q: How can I find the part number for a Dell component?

A: You can find the part number for a Dell component by looking on the component itself, or by checking the documentation that came with your Dell computer.

Q: What if I don’t have the documentation or can’t find the part number on the component? A: You can try using Dell’s online part number lookup tool to search for the part number based on the model and serial number of your Dell computer.

Q: How accurate is Dell’s part number lookup tool?

A: Dell’s part number lookup tool is generally very accurate, but it is always a good idea to double-check the part number with Dell customer support before making a purchase.

Q: Can I use a third-party component with my Dell computer?

A: Dell recommends using only Dell-branded components with Dell computers to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Q: Can I use a Dell component with a non-Dell computer?

A: In some cases, a Dell component may be compatible with a non-Dell computer, but it is always a good idea to check the specifications and compatibility before making a purchase.

Q: What is a Dell part number?

A: A Dell part number is a unique alphanumeric code that identifies a specific component or part used in Dell products such as laptops, desktops, servers, and peripherals.

Q: How can I lookup a Dell part number?

A: There are several ways to lookup a Dell part number. You can search for the part number on the Dell website, contact Dell customer support, or use third-party websites that offer Dell part number lookup services.

Q: Can I use a Dell part number to identify a compatible replacement part?

A: Yes, a Dell part number can help you identify a compatible replacement part for your Dell product. You can search for the part number on the Dell website or use a third-party website that offers compatibility information for Dell products.

Q: What information does a Dell part number provide?

A: A Dell part number provides information about the specific component or part, such as its compatibility with specific Dell products, its function, and its specifications.

Q: Are Dell part numbers universal or specific to each Dell product?

A: Dell part numbers are specific to each Dell product. Different products may have different part numbers even if they use similar components.

Q: Can I use a Dell part number to identify the manufacturer of a component?

A: No, a Dell part number does not provide information about the manufacturer of a component. It only identifies the specific part used in Dell products. However, you can use the part number to search for information about the component, including the manufacturer.

Q: Is it possible to identify a Dell product using its part number?

A: Yes, it is possible to identify a Dell product using its part number. The part number is often listed in the product documentation, and you can search for it on the Dell website to find information about the product it is used in.

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