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Faith of The Heart What will store us on the Day of Judgement? Are we desired based totally on our race or color? No. Then what’s it? It is the place in our body which Allaah subhanahu wa ta’alaa made the area of the fully treasured possession of an individual: emaan (religion). It is your heart.

What favors you in the sight of Allaah subhanahu wa tala is the nation of your coronary heart. What will save you on the Day of Judgement is album Saleem— an excellent coronary heart.

Let’s begin and find out approximately the significant position of the coronary heart in Islam and examine the secrets of an effective coronary heart.

This is the week’s primary ayah: Have they not traveled thru the earth and featured hearts through which to motivate and ears using which to hear? Indeed, it isn’t the eyes that are blinded; however, the souls that can be within the breasts are overwhelmed. [Quran, 22: 46]

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Faith of The Heart – The Significance of the Heart

To begin moving in lifestyles, you first want to know; with that know-how, you can outline if something is essential or now not. Then it is up to you to make the circulate.

The Prophet Sallallahu’ alayhi wa sallam said approximately your heart: Truly within the body; there’s a morsel of flesh which, if sound, all the body is good and which, if it is diseased, all of it is diseased. Indeed it is the heart. [al-Bukhaaree, Muslim]

Allaah’ azza wajal knowledgeable us inside the Quran about the “heart” (typically qalb in Arabic). For example, the word naas (human beings, Mankind) is used 241 times. However, “heart” is used no less than 137 times.

What is the State of Your Heart?

The state of your coronary heart will determine what you do with your understanding. Will you advantage from it by using working towards it or not?

For example,if you hear an ayah of the Quran or a hadith, does it make sense you want to exercise it right now, or does it not have a lot of impact on you? Whatever the solution is, it will let you know approximately the nation of your heart.

Sins affect your heart; they could reason your heart to be sealed so that the light of expertise doesn’t attain it anymore and the ayaat of Allaah doesn’t have an effect on you anymore. May Allaah ‘azza wajal shield us from this.

We discover many sicknesses in our hearts, like jealousy, envy, greed, lust, and displaying off. Our goal must be to attempt to purify our hearts and flip back to Allah with a legitimate heart. Once a sensible man made this dua: ‘O Allah purify my coronary heart from something however You.’

The Heart and the Mind

When are you saying the word ‘Think!” maximum of us factor to our heads, proper? Many of us point to our hearts while saying, “Think?” The Messenger of Allaah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, “Taqwa is right here,” and he pointed to his chest. [Muslim, at-Tirmidhi, Ahmad]

Subhanallah, one of the heart’s capabilities is takaful (know-how). Allah subhanahu wa tala gave us a coronary heart to comprehend, mirror, and cause. That brings us returned to the valuable ayah: and feature hearts via which to reason . . .

Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullaah said that many doctors and philosophers have stated that the mind is in the brain, so we suppose and apprehend with our brains and now not with our hearts.

He then said that the center is honestly the coronary heart. Ibn Katheer stated: The conceited philosophers say that the thoughts are within the brain. [Tafsir ibn Kathir vol 4 p.508]

Faith of The Heart – To accept as true, to disbelieve, to recognize, to realize, to have tranquility, to experience confusion, to have tawakkul, and to have khushoo’ are all functions of your heart.

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Different Names for “Heart” inside the Quran

In the Quran, Allah subhanahu wa tala uses special words to explain the coronary heart; qalb, fu’aad, and Sadr.

Qalb is the general phrase for coronary heart, and the foundation phrase approaches something that turns round, something that adjustments without difficulty. When Allah (swt) refers to emaan and the diseases of the heart, He uses the word qalb.

Fu’aad comes from a root that means “burning” or a flame and is used when the coronary heart is inflamed with emotion. A stunning example is when Allah describes the nation of the coronary heart of the mom of Musa alayhi salam: But there came to be a void in the heart (Fujian) of the mother of Musa. [Quran, 28:10] Imagine how her coronary heart became infected with feelings while she put her newborn, suckling son in a river!

Sadr method “chest.” When Allaah’ azza wajal refers to secrets and techniques or reasons, He uses the phrase sadr, like in Suratun NaasThe one that whispers inside the hearts of Mankind. [Quran, 114: five]

See how understanding the phrases of the Quran opens the door to a whole new world of meanings for you?

What Do You Do With YOUR Heart?

Faith of The Heart – Now the query is, what is your coronary heart connected to? Is it related to your property, cash, preferred television display, or unique moments you spend with the Quran and analyzing the Prophet?

Allah’ azza wajal says:  . . . While the most influential person who can be stored is the one who comes before Allah with a coronary heart committed to Him. [Quran, 26:89]

How can you educate your coronary heart to become devoted and sound? I came through this stunning listing of the symptoms of a committed and sound nature, and I pray you’ll be as inspired as I changed!

But before examining your coronary heart, take this crucial step: ask Allaah’ azza wajal using His stunning name to purify your soul. He is Al-Wahhaab (The Giver), so ask Him to offer you a natural heart.

He is Al-Qareeb (The Close One), so ask Him to make your coronary heart near Him. He is Al-Wadood (The Ever-Loving), so ask Him to fill your coronary heart with love for Him. It’s as easy as that.

Now it’s time to check yourself on the signs of a pure and dedicated coronary heart!

  • It keeps pushing its accomplice until he turns to Allah subhanahu wa tala and repents.
  • It doesn’t become tired of the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa tala or His worship.
  • If it misses out on an act of obedience, it feels a pain that is more severe than when losing money.
  • It unearths sweetness and pride in worship more than any delight from foods and drinks.
  • If it enters salah, its concerns and issues from this cosmopolitan lifestyle depart it.
  • It is stingier with its time being wasted than a miser’s stinginess along with his cash.
  • It is greater involved with an excellent deed being carried out correctly and time-honored than the actual deed itself.


Memorize and use this beautiful Qur’anic dua in your everyday lifestyles:

Who say, Our Lord, permit not our hearts to deviate after You have guided us and provided us with mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower. [Quran, three:8]

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Faith of The Heart – The coronary heart’s technological know-how is going a lot deeper than what was studied here! The essential point is that believers want to do their fine to keep away from something so that it will pollute the coronary heart and push them to remember Allah.

Humans all have dreams, so work on them one at a time. Try to benefit from extra information and wisdom to help the self and others without becoming prideful. Remember Allah as tons as possible so intentions live naturally.

Finally, continually asking Allah to stay regular in the religion and different sports is an excellent way to help obtain the final choice. Since there are numerous verses on the coronary heart, look ahead to more excellent articles on the identical concern!

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the concept of “Faith of the Heart” in Islam?

A: In Islam, the concept of “Faith of the Heart” refers to the inner conviction and belief that resides in the heart of a believer. It is the deep-rooted faith and trust in Allah (God), His oneness, and His divine attributes.

Q: How does Islam emphasise the importance of Faith of the Heart?

A: Islam places significant importance on Faith of the Heart as it is considered the foundation of a person’s relationship with Allah. It is the driving force behind all acts of worship and righteous deeds. Without sincere faith in the heart, external actions hold little value in the sight of Allah.

Q: What are the essential components of Faith of the Heart in Islam?

A: The essential components of Faith of the Heart in Islam are:

  1. Belief in the Oneness of Allah: This encompasses acknowledging that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that He has no partners or associates.
  2. Belief in the Prophets: Muslims have faith in all the prophets and messengers sent by Allah, including Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the final messenger.
  3. Belief in the Divine Scriptures: Muslims believe in the divine origin of the Qur’an as the final revelation from Allah and also recognize the previous scriptures revealed to earlier prophets.
  4. Belief in the Angels: Muslims believe in the existence of angels, who are created beings with specific roles and responsibilities in carrying out Allah’s commands.
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgment: This entails the conviction that there will be a Day of Resurrection when all individuals will be held accountable for their actions in this world.

Q: How is Faith of the Heart developed and strengthened in Islam?

A: Faith of the Heart is developed and strengthened in Islam through various means, including:

  1. Knowledge and Reflection: Gaining knowledge about Islam, the Qur’an, the life of Prophet Muhammad, and the teachings of the religion helps in developing a deeper understanding of faith and strengthening the heart’s conviction.
  2. Prayer and Supplication: Engaging in regular acts of worship, such as performing the five daily prayers and supplicating to Allah, helps to cultivate a strong connection with Him and enhances the faith of the heart.
  3. Seeking Allah’s Guidance: Muslims seek guidance from Allah by making sincere du’a (supplication) to increase their faith and seek His assistance in overcoming doubts and challenges.
  4. Remembering Allah: Regular remembrance of Allah through recitation of His names, recitation of the Qur’an, and engaging in dhikr (remembrance of Allah) helps to keep the heart connected to its Creator.
  5. Good Company: Surrounding oneself with pious and knowledgeable individuals who exemplify strong faith can have a positive influence on one’s own faith.

Q: How does Faith of the Heart influence the actions and behaviour of Muslims?

A: Faith of the Heart serves as a driving force for Muslims, influencing their actions and behaviour. It motivates them to engage in acts of worship, adhere to moral and ethical principles, and fulfil their obligations towards Allah and fellow human beings. The faith in their hearts helps them overcome challenges, remain steadfast in their beliefs, and seek the pleasure of Allah in all aspects of life.

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