History of Arab Empires before Islam by Greg Fisher

Arabs and Empires before Islam: The Arabs were the dominant force in the Arab deserts before the introduction of Islam in this region. Arabs and Empires before Islam throws light on the culture, civilization, norms, values and way of living of the Arabs before the time when Islam was not introduced to them. The Arabs were divided into tribes and tribal life was headed by the tribal chiefs. They felt pride in their tribal culture and tribal traditions and customs. They were ready to lay down their lives for the protection of these traditions and customs. The Arabian empire was not the part of history as they did not belong to any disciplined state or government. Their tribal life and tribal traditions were the main center of their economic or political system.

Like History of Arab Empires before Islam by Greg Fisher

As such Arabs were scattered into different small or big tribes and the relations between these tribes were based on their economic needs and social activities. They were true to their traditions and culture and maintained their position at every cost. No central government or political system was present there in the land of Arab. As for their religion is concerned, they worshiped idols made of wood and stone. They followed their forefathers in the matter of religion.  However, they were brave, bold and sincere to their traditions. 

Arabs and Empires before Islam is the collection of almost 250 different historical books that covered the past sources. The book covers the period from the eight century B.C to the Middle Ages. This was the period when the Arabs were not united under one central political system. As such, no political system was present in the entire Arab Penisolinia. Only in the west of the land, strong government of Pharos was present which rule the area for than thousands of years and it was this land the was present before the pre historic period.



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After the emergence of Islam in this land, the Muslim rule started which lasted for more than four hundred years in some shape. Umayyad Empire also known as the Muslim empire was also the part of the empire that was founded by the prophet of Islam. The present is the complete history of the land of Arabia. The work has been selected from different authentic books on history which were written in different prominent languages of that time like Greek, Latin, Syriac, Persian and Arabic. The work is extended to the Far East and Middle East.

The book ( History of Arab Empires before Islam by Greg Fisher ) is printed beautifully in sixteen color plates with almost 15 maps and almost 70 in text images. The book deals with the vast ranged and latest overview of the past sources that were present in the ancient land. The book especially throws light on the political, social, cultural and religious aspects of the Arab society.

The book is very valuable and contains interesting details to look at and you would be really amused to read the history which is not boring at all.

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