Quran Tafsir – Tafsir Ahsan Ul Bayan 5 Volume SET

This is the Tafsir of the Glorious Quraan which is short in form but comprehensive in interpretation of the meanings of the Quran enlightened with the thoughts, view points, creed and notion of Salaf Saliheen, and a humble effort to recognize the Qur’an in the light of the actual Ahadith of the Prophet (S) and the sense of the Sahabah (R)

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Part 1 – From Surat Al-Fatiha to Al-Maidah (Surah #five) Part 2 – From Surat Al-An’am (#7) to Hud (#eleven) Part 3 – From Surat Yusuf (#12) to An-Nur (#24) Part four – From Surat Al-Furqan (#25) to Fussilat (#forty one) Part 5 – From Surat Ash-shura (#forty two) to Surat An-Nas (#114)

  • Volume 1 – Surah Fatiha to Surah Al Maidah
  • Volume 2 – Surah Al Anam to Surah Hud
  • Volume 3 – Surah Yusuf to Surah An Nur
  • Volume four – Surah Al-Furqan to Surah Fussilat
  • Volume 5 – Surah Ash- Shura to Surah An- Nas

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Product info

  • ASIN :  B00SUOH98E
  • Publisher :  Darussalam (January 1, 2010)
  • Item Weight :  10.Sixteen kilos
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