Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan

“Sahih Al-Bukhari” is one of the most respected and widely recognized collections of Hadith (sayings, actions, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad) in the Islamic tradition. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s 9-volume set of Sahih Al-Bukhari is a notable translation and commentary of this seminal work.

Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary are highly regarded by many English-speaking Muslims for several reasons:

  1. Accuracy and Faithfulness: Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation is known for its accuracy and faithfulness to the original Arabic text of Sahih Al-Bukhari. He has taken great care to ensure that the meanings and nuances of the Hadith are accurately conveyed in English.
  2. Detailed Commentary: In addition to the translation, Dr. Mohsin Khan provides a comprehensive commentary that helps readers understand the context, background, and significance of the Hadith. This is especially valuable for those who may not have a deep understanding of Islamic jurisprudence and tradition.
  3. Organization: The 9-volume set is organized in a logical and systematic manner, making it easy for readers to navigate through the various chapters and Hadith collections within Sahih Al-Bukhari.
  4. Accessible Language: Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary are written in clear and accessible language, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, including those with limited knowledge of Arabic or Islamic scholarship.
  5. Authenticity: Sahih Al-Bukhari is considered one of the most authentic collections of Hadith in Islam, and Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary adhere to this authenticity by ensuring that the Hadith included are rigorously authenticated.

However, it’s important to note that no translation or commentary can fully capture the depth and nuances of the original Arabic text. Additionally, interpretations of Hadith can vary, so readers may want to consult multiple sources and scholars for a more comprehensive understanding.

In summary, Dr. Mohsin Khan’s 9-volume set of Sahih Al-Bukhari is a valuable resource for English-speaking Muslims and anyone interested in understanding the teachings and traditions of Islam. It provides a faithful and accessible translation and commentary of one of the most important collections of Hadith in Islamic literature.

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Genres About Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan

Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan” primarily falls into several genres, each reflecting different aspects of the book’s content and purpose:

  1. Religious Text: At its core, Sahih Al-Bukhari is a religious text. It is a collection of Hadith, which are the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, and is considered one of the most authoritative and authentic sources of Islamic tradition. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary make this religious text accessible to English-speaking readers.
  2. Islamic Scholarship: The book can be categorized within the genre of Islamic scholarship. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s commentary provides insight into the scholarly tradition of Hadith interpretation (Tafsir) and Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh).
  3. Reference Material: Many consider Sahih Al-Bukhari to be a reference work. It serves as a primary source for Muslims seeking guidance on matters of faith, practice, and conduct. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary enhance its utility as a reference for understanding and applying Islamic teachings.
  4. Religious Education: The book can also be used as a resource for religious education. Islamic schools, seminaries, and individuals studying Islam often use Sahih Al-Bukhari, alongside Dr. Mohsin Khan’s commentary, as part of their curriculum to deepen their understanding of the faith.
  5. Spiritual and Moral Guidance: Beyond its academic and scholarly aspects, Sahih Al-Bukhari offers spiritual and moral guidance. It contains teachings on ethics, morality, and the character of Prophet Muhammad, which can inspire and guide individuals in their personal and spiritual lives.
  6. Cultural and Historical Text: The book also serves as a cultural and historical text, as it provides valuable insights into the customs, practices, and beliefs of early Islamic society. It helps readers understand the historical context in which Islam emerged.
  7. Interfaith and Comparative Religion Studies: Sahih Al-Bukhari and Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation can be used as source material for interfaith dialogue and comparative religion studies, allowing scholars and researchers to explore the teachings and practices of Islam.
  8. Academic Study: Scholars of Islamic studies, religious studies, and related fields may approach this work as an academic text, analyzing its content, interpretations, and historical significance.

In summary, “Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan” spans various genres, including religious text, Islamic scholarship, reference material, and cultural history. Its multifaceted nature makes it a significant and versatile resource for individuals interested in Islam, whether for religious practice, scholarly inquiry, or cultural understanding.

Book details

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are the typical product details for “Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan.” Please note that product details and availability may have changed since then, so it’s a good idea to check with booksellers or online retailers for the most current information:

Title: Sahih Al-Bukhari (9 Vol. Set) by Dr. Mohsin Khan

Author/Translator: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

Publisher: Various publishers may have released editions of this work.

Publication Date: Various editions and printings may have different publication dates.

Format: Hardcover is a common format for this set, although paperback editions may also be available.

Number of Volumes: 9 volumes in the set.

Language: English (Translation from the original Arabic).

ISBN-13: Specific ISBNs may vary depending on the publisher and edition.

Contents: This set contains the complete translation of Sahih Al-Bukhari, which is one of the most authoritative collections of Hadith in Islam. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation is accompanied by his commentary, providing context and explanations for the Hadith.

Features: Some editions may include additional features such as an introduction, index, glossary, and references to help readers navigate and understand the content.

Availability: You can find this set in various bookstores, both physical and online. It may also be available in Islamic centers, mosques, or libraries with religious collections.

Price: The price of the set can vary depending on the publisher, edition, and seller. Prices may range from moderately affordable to relatively expensive due to the comprehensive nature of the work.

Please keep in mind that these product details are based on information available up to September 2021, and there may have been new editions or changes in availability since that time. To obtain the most up-to-date information on this specific set, I recommend checking with reputable booksellers, Islamic publishers, or online retailers.

Conclusion About Sahih Al-Bukhari

In conclusion, Sahih Al-Bukhari, particularly in Dr. Mohsin Khan’s 9-volume set, stands as a cornerstone of Islamic literature and scholarship. This collection of Hadith, known for its unparalleled authenticity and reliability, offers a profound insight into the teachings and practices of Islam. Dr. Mohsin Khan’s translation and commentary add depth and accessibility to this important work.

Sahih Al-Bukhari serves as a:

  1. Religious Guide: It provides Muslims with a comprehensive guide to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, addressing matters of faith, practice, ethics, and jurisprudence.
  2. Scholarly Resource: It is a valuable resource for scholars of Islamic studies, offering rich material for academic research and analysis.
  3. Educational Tool: It serves as a fundamental educational tool for Islamic seminaries, schools, and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of Islam.
  4. Reference Work: It is a trusted reference work for Muslims seeking guidance on various aspects of their lives, from religious rituals to moral conduct.
  5. Cultural and Historical Document: It offers a window into the cultural and historical context of early Islamic society, shedding light on the customs, traditions, and beliefs of that era.
  6. Interfaith Dialogue Source: It provides content for interfaith dialogues and comparative religion studies, fostering understanding and respect among diverse religious communities.

Sahih Al-Bukhari, as translated and commented upon by Dr. Mohsin Khan, helps bridge the gap between Arabic-speaking Islamic scholarship and English-speaking audiences, making the profound wisdom of Islamic tradition accessible to a wider range of people.

However, it’s important to note that like any translation and commentary, it may not capture the full depth and nuance of the original Arabic text.

Overall, Sahih Al-Bukhari continues to be a source of inspiration, guidance, and scholarly exploration for Muslims and individuals interested in understanding the faith and traditions of Islam. It remains a testament to the enduring legacy of Prophet Muhammad and the rich intellectual tradition of Islamic scholarship.

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