The Watermelon (Arabic Children’s Book) by Taghreed Najjar

The Watermelon: The Watermelon is the food the Noura loves to eat. She is so fond of eating melon. One day, she took a waterman in her bed and hid it under the bed of the room. She wants to get her eaten when the other members of the family would go their bedrooms for sleeping.

The story takes the turn from this point. The watermelon begins to become big and big. She is unaware of the fact that something strange is happening wuth her watermelon. The size of the wateremelon gets on increasing until it attains the size of the room. The story takes the turn and it becomes funny. Many funny incidents happen and the reader and spectator of the movie enjoy it to the full. They go on laughing till the last line of the book. The book is specially written for the chulden. It is clled bed book which is read while the children go to bed. The book can cast healthy effects on the minds of the children.

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The watermelon seeds are also very healthy diet and can be used to eat when they are dried. Watermelon is a fruit that is ful of water and is very healthful as it is the best tool for the consumtion. The book appears to be the story of the small children and to amuse them seems the object of the author but in reality, it is not so. It is written with specific purpose of teaching the small children the benefits of having fruits and vegetables in their diet. They are taught the different advantages and benefits that are attached with the different fruits and vegetables.

The story can be related with the discussion about the fruits, food and tastes of the different foods and fruits. The small children can be involved in this discussion. Surely, it builds their discussion power and help them form their own opinion about the different tatse of the foods and fruit, and vegetables.

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The Watermelon is a Arabic Book for Kids, Children and Arabic Readers. Best Seller Book. Paperback only.

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Stories telling are the best way to teach the children the bif lessons in terms of moral ethics and manners. The children love to hear little interesting stories. In this way, they can be inculcated the big lessins that are other difficult to make them understand.

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The book is valuable gift for the family to teach the children manners and ethics. You must have this book in your house. So get the copy and enjoy the reading.

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