30 days of learning and Good Deeds by Bachar Karroum

Learning is the good habit to spend life successfully in the world not only for oneself but for ones near and dear ones. The personality of the child depends upon the he nourished and brought up by his parents. The habits, good or bad, are formed during the early days of his life.  He learns through watching his elders and through his environment. If both provide the best manners and deeds, he is surely to become the responsible and ideal personality. On the other hand, if he is brought up in the bad conditions and with bad examples, he will become harmful not only for himself but also for the society. So it is the responsibility of the parents to provide him the best available models of morality and character. By neglecting their duties, they will be the criminal in the eyes of law and society. Good deeds are the desires of almost every person in the society.

Good deeds cast a healthy influence on the society and it moves forward on the way to the progress and development with more confidence and speed. Every religion of the world lays great stress on the needs of the good deeds and good character in the young generation it is not easy task but rather it is upheld task and requires great attention and struggle on the part of the members of the society. A good deed definitely is appreciated by everyone and everyone wishes to have such deeds in their children whatever the conditions, they are residing or the conditions they are facing.



  • Paperback ‏ : ‎
  •  63 pages
  • Reading age ‏ :
  • ‎ 5 – 7 years

The book good deeds contain the planning and design of thirty days for teaching the young children the best deeds that a society demands from his citizens. The books ahs the complete time table to proceed in this line of action for the better upbringing of the children. The book follows the natural way of teaching the children. It offers complete package of thirty days. It gives one good deed a day to follow without burdening the young kids. This is an easy way to learn and practice what is learnt. There would be no difficulty for the young kids and to the parents. The book would be helpful in introducing new concepts and new ideals in the lives of the young children.

The book contains the Surah from the holy Quran to make the children intimate with their religion from the very beginning of the lives. This would also be helpful for the young children to learn the basic teachings of Islam at their early lives and it would go a long way to make their faith string and unshakeable on the universality of their religion Islam as the best religion in the world. It provides great chance for the parents to remain engage in the conversation and to teach their young ones about the basic principles of Islam to their children.

The book is the best gift for the Muslims and their children to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The book has the practical way of teaching the good deeds to the children. So hurry up and place your order to get the copy of this precious gift for your collection.

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