All 2nd Grade Distance Learning Free PDF Worksheets

2nd Grade Distance Learning – START OF THE DAY – Dear Students Every morning begins with a clear-cut message and checklist for the day’s assignments, daily routine, work plan, and hardworking. Special Students, you can join your class via Skype.

During this time, You can discuss the day’s work, review any tricky concepts the day before, and share any important announcements. Note A couple of students can join chosen each day to share a favorite toy, topics, pet, or treasure during this social time. Teachers then read aloud from a chapter book and ask connecting questions to reinforce comprehension. Here we will discuss All 2nd

Math Corner

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Grade Distance Learning Free PDF Worksheets – 2nd Grade

  1. Letter from 2nd Grade Teachers
  2. 2nd Grade Math
  3. •2nd Grade Reading
  4. •2nd Grade Science
  5. •2nd Grade Social Studies
  6. •2nd Grade Writing
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Dear Students, 2nd Grade Distance Learning – Language Arts lessons include weekly spelling patterns, reading connecting stories, Painting with Coffee, Fruit and Vegetable Paint, Paint Made with Spices Food Coloring Watercolors that incorporate the spelling words for the week and practicing new, high-frequency vocabulary words ((like he, she, you, I, ask, is, but, the, have, and sound)).

Students also work on a new grammar lesson (NOUN, PRONOUN, VERB, ADJECTIVE), literary elements, and three prompts per week for journal writing that entail five-sentence paragraphs with lots of detail.

Dear Student, 2nd Grade

Graders start their lesson with a day’s problem as a warm-up and then are directed to teacher-directed lesson videos to explain and solve it.


Dear Students, Teachers hold small-group, Little Group, and whole-group meetings each week, as well as 1:1 sessions. Second graders Students usually receive an average of 7 video meetings with their teachers each week.

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Arabic Corner

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Language PDF Download

Blend Squares Game

Daily Core Curriculum Book-Grade2


Encyclopedia of Language Arts

Leaping Letters-Game

Mar de Basilicas Sea of Syllables

Parent Book Literacy GrK-3

Reading Comprehension Cards-Gr2


Word Building Activity Book-Grade-2

Math PDF Download

Add & Sub-Flip-Book

Fun with Money Coin-Activity Book

I-Sea-10-Math Game


Multiplication-Dominoes Game-2

Patterns and Shapes

US-1 100 Activity-Book

Science PDF Download

Backyard Science Adventures


Daily Core Curriculum Book-Grade 2


Encyclopedia of Language Arts

Encylopedia of Science


Leaping Letters Game

Mar de Silabas Sea of Syllables

Parent-Book Literacy GrK-3

Pocket Chart Animals and Habitats

Pocket-Chart Plants

Reading-Comprehension Cards-Gr2



Word Building-Activity Book Grade-2

Social Studies PDF Download

Daily Core Curriculum Book-Grade 2

Encyclopedia of Social-Studies

Learn About Presidents Activity Book

United States Flash Cards

Alasad Online Quran Tutor

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