Words That Start With K For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start With K  – Kudos to the author for locating the important word list that includes nice words beginning in K. Kindly take a look to improve your understanding of positive terms beginning with the K. K.

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Words That Start with K

Sr NoWords meaning
01KaleidoscopeThe bustling markets offer a rainbow of colors.
02KaputInformal-broken, ruined, destroyed, defeated
03KindleInspire an emotion
04KindredSimilar to each other
05KinkA defect, a peculiar feature or an idea that is a bit out of the ordinary, issue or defect in
06KioskA booth where tickets, newspapers and other items are available for purchase.
07KleptomaniaA constant urge to steal
08KnaveA dishonest man
09KnottyA knot-filled mess, extremely complicated
10KeystoneThe core of a system or policy
The central theme
12KickbackPercentage of a person who has helped someone earn money
13KilljoySomeone who ruins other people's enjoyment, someone who degrades or stifles the enjoyment of others, causing displeasure
14KitschUnpretentious, tastelessly vibrant
15KnellA bell's sound is rung slow or toll (omen)
16KudosHonor and praise Fame, glory and credit for accomplishment
17KowtowBe obedient and meek.
19KittyA bank account to be used by a variety of individuals
20Kith-and-kinOne's family and relatives and
Words That Start with K (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Words That Start With K  – Karma could be the reason you’re here to expand your letter K knowledge, but you are able to go further. Take a look at the top adjectives that begin with K and key nouns beginning with K as well as king-sized verbs that begin by using K. Which is your most favorite kind of K-word?

What are some K word for children?

The most popular K words for children are kid keys and kind, koala, knit, kiwi Kit, King kitten, kangaroo keyboard and kayak. Kitchen knife, knight the word ketchup is a good example. These are some of the most frequently employed K words for children which can be taught to them through engaging word-building activities and games.

What are some Kindergarten K words for kids?

Some of the kindergarten K words for children include Kennel Knot, Kick and Knee. Knowledge Knead, Knead, Knew Keeper, Keeper, Knack, Know Knuckle Kit Knit, Khaki, Known Knot, etc.

What are a few Preschool K Words for Kids?

A handful of Preschool K Words for Kids include Karate, Kernel, Knowing, Ka, Keen, Kneel, Knell, Kidney, kept in mind, knew, know that, know, kind, Knead, knowledge, kind Kingdom Ken and Kite etc.

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