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Words That Start With P – Preparing precious preschoolers and smart printers to be able to write, and write the letter “P! Our listing of P words for children will help youngsters increase their vocabulary and cultivate an interest in language that will last a lifetime. Look over the words beginning with P divided into reading levels as well as helpful exercises for the classroom to help practice.

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Words That Start with P

Sr NoWords Meaning
01PaceRate of change or movement in pace, walk slowly or between and around, perform things at a controlled and constant pace
02PalindromeA phrase or word that reads reverses as it does forwards.
03PallIt is becoming less attractive due to the sameness, the dust, smoke etc.
04PalpablePossibility of being and felt
05PalpitateThe beat is fast, shaking, shake
06Paltry(of (of an amount)very tiny, insignificant measly
07PanaceaThe solution or cure to all problems or illnesses
08PanacheA confident and stylish manner
10ParadigmA model or an example of a typical example
11ParameterA restriction that defines the extent of an activity or an activity, or characteristic or distinguishing characteristic.
12ParamountMore important than any other
13ParanoidUnjustified distrust in others A mental illness where a person is afflicted with false beliefs about the power of others or of their own grandeur
14PariahA solitary
16ParlanceA particular method of using nouns
17ParoxysmAn outburst or sudden attack A fit, a rage
18PasseOld-fashioned, out time
19PaucityLack of or scarcity in something
20PedanticOverly concerned about minor specifics or rules
21PeevishUncontrollable, anxious
22PenchantA strong desire
23PenitentRemorseful for what I did wrong
24PerambulateTravel or walk from location to place
26PerfidyBetrayal of trust deceit, insincere, disloyal
27PerfunctoryDoing it with the least thinking or energy, it is an everyday, routine
28PermeateAll over, spread out
29PermutationOne of many possible methods of organizing or ordering several items
30PertinentRelevant, related to the issue in question
31PerturbBe anxious or cause you to feel anxious and agitated.
32PeruseTo read attentively
33PeterPeter is about to come to an end in a gradual manner
34PetrifyMake yourself fearful
35PetulantSulky and childish or badly tempered
36PiecemealIt is done in an inconsistency and gradual manner Piece by piece
38PinnacleThe most effective aspect
39PiqueResentment that is triggered by pride hurt and verbal-stimulate someone's curiosity
40PlacateReduce anger, calm and calm
41PlauditPraise, applause
42PlausibleAs if they are plausible, reasonable, or even true
43PlethoraAn excessive amount, overabundance
44PolyglotSpeaking, understanding or using multiple languages
45PragmaticThe ability to deal with issues in a sensible and practical manner and practical
An introduction or opening line
47PrecipitateThe cause can occur suddenly or too quickly, causing to move quickly and with force
48PrecursorA forerunner
49Pre-emptMake sure you prevent something from occurring in the first place.
50PremonitionThe feeling that there is a chance that something will occur.The feeling that there is a chance that something will occur.
51PreposterousAbsolutely ridiculous and shocking
52PrerequisiteSomething that has to exist or occur before anything happens or exists.
The right to or the privilege
54PresumptuousBeing too confident acting too confidently, assuming for granted assumptions, and assuming
56PrevaricateDo not give a direct answer
57PrivySharing the secrets of the secret
58ProbityHonesty, integrity
59ProcrastinateThe action is postponed
60PromulgationBe widely known, and to be known publicly
61PropensityA tendency, or a natural inclination
62ProtagonistThe protagonist in a book, drama or other type of story.
63ProtegeSomeone who is supported and guided by an experienced individual
64ProtocolThe set of rules that govern formal events, the acceptable code of conduct for the context of
65ProvokeIncite a strong reaction intentionally irritate or anger and get people to react in a way that causes them to take action
66PseudonymA fake name, especially one used by an author the use of a fictional name is that is assumed by the author pen name
67PunctiliousAttention to details or proper behavior
68PunitiveAs punishment, causing or involving the issue of
69PutativeReputed, assumed, commonly believed to be so
70PyrrhicWas won at a too high a cost to be worth the
Words That Start with P (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Positive P-Word Passages

Words That Start With P – When upper elementary students have exact understanding of the phrases that have the letter the letter P They can then use their vocabulary to express generosity. Students in the class should compose personal letters or send cards to family or friends by using the positivity-oriented words which begin with the letter P. This is a great activity to do for birthdays of the class and Valentine’s Day, or any time you’re teaching a friend style of writing.

Putting P Words in Paragraphs

Words That Start With P – Instruct your students to think about the number of words can fit into one paragraph or perhaps a single sentence. Give them words to choose from or let them choose from a list, then allow them to create stories. Based on the kind of writing you’re teaching, you can select from a variety different basic writing exercises.

Minding Your Ps and Qs

For a sound that is simple, P is an incredibly important sound for the development of language and learning. Vocabulary classes like these are crucial for children to go from making noises to creating sense.

Once you’ve made an initial word list, you can use QuranMualim to expand it further. Use one of the fields for advanced searches of the QuranMualim’s word list that begin with the letter P to locate simple or more complex words to study. You can also sort the list by words that contain or end with P , if you want to. For more enriching vocabulary as well as etymology take a take a look at these words that begin with Q. You’ll solve those quirky queries quite quickly!

What Are Some Of The 5 Letter P Words For Kids?

Words That Start With P – Here are some five letter P words that are appropriate for kids: pearl peace, pilot paint or paint, panic, paced paddy, pacer points, places price, party, phone, press piece, power panel, phase plane, plain pizza, pause, plaza before, plate, peace picture, pound and many more.

What are the best P words for children?

Some of the best P words for children include calm, perfect, tranquil and playful, as well as cheerful, patient praise, pure, beautiful, polished, priceless appropriate, polite, and many more. These great P words for children can aid them in thinking positively and develop their skills effectively. They can also be engaged in word building activity-based games.

What Are Some Of The Longest P Words For Kids?

After they’ve learned the easy P words for children You can then teach them some longer words that begin in P. These are a few among the lengthiest P words for children like president and provision, psychology, physiology and psychiatry. Professionalism preservationist, photojournalism personification, parliamentarian, pharmaceutical and photosynthesis, participation and many more.


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