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Words That Start with D – Words that Start with D for Kids. How do you prefer to make your lists of vocabulary for students? There are numerous methods to tackle this important subject.

If you’d like to take it step by step We’ve created a detailed list of vocabulary, grades by grades. Explore more than 50 words that begin with D for children as well as a number of engaging letter D activities.

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Words That Start with D

Sr NoWords Meaning
01DabbleEngage in an act in a casual, casual manner. To do something casually
02DaftInane, silly, stupid
03DapperAttractive in appearance and attire
04DastardlyInhumane and cruel, cruel cowardly
05DauntEncourage or intimidate
06DebacleDevastating defeat, complete fail, a disaster
07DebaseQuality or value are less
08DearthScarcity or insufficiency
09DebriefIn-depth question regarding the mission that is being contested
11DecisiveAbility to make an informed decision and settle an issue swiftly
12DecrepitWorn out or weakened , broken down
13DeferSet off for another time, or to delay, or to give in respect
14DeferentialVery respectable
15DefinitiveSetting something up with authority, definitively final, and the most precise of its kinds
16DeftQuick and skilled
17DefunctInactive or no longer functioning No longer functioning, inactive
18DelineateDefine or specify the exact details, or draw sketche
19DelusionA false impression or belief The act of deceiving
20DemeanorBearing or outward behavior
21DemurRefrain from expressing objections, or show reluctance to from expressing an objection
22DemureReserving, modest, and elegant modest, reserved
23DenigrateTo belittle or blacken, or to criticize unfairly
24DenizenA frequent visitor to a specific location
25DenounceProtest publicly, declare as the wrongdoer or evil
26DepleteReduce the quantity or the number of, in order to make use of (resources)
27DeprecateDisapprove of, or reduce; devalue
28DepreciateThe value of the property will decrease or diminish as time passes
29DerelictionFailure to do one's duty, forsaking of
30DerideTo make fun of, ridicule fun of
31DerogatoryNegative or rude
32DescryTo see the
33DespicableNot worthy of ridicule, hate, or disdain
34DespondentSad and depressed
35DesuetudeExtinct, disuse
36DesultoryInspiring but without purpose and apathy, moving from one topic to the next in a non-sensical way and solitary
37DetrimentInjury or damage
38DeviantA departure from what is normal and a deviation from the norm
39DeviousCunning and submissive, but not straight, roundabout, not honest
40DevolveTransfer the power to a lower level and delegate the responsibility
41DexteritySkills in completing tasks, proficiency in using one's body, hands or even mind
42DiabolicalLike the devil, informal and very poor
43Diatribean aggressive verbal attack or an angry critique of writing or speech
44DichotomySeparation into two parts and the contrast of two aspects
45DilettanteA person who isn't an expert, but a person who participates in an activity to have fun A dabbler
46DiligentConscient and attentive and hard-working
47DiscernBe aware of the things you can see or be aware of, or to recognize clearly
48DisconcertUnsettle, upset,
49DisconsolateUnforgettable, irritable
50DiscordA lack of harmony or agreement noisy and unpleasant sound conflict, quarrels, and disagreement
51DiscretionThe benefits of being discrete and free to make your own decisions
52DiscursiveThe subject is a flit from one topic to another, (topic to topic)
53DisenchantedThe subject is a flit from one topic to another, (topic to topic)
54DisenchantedThe feeling of disillusion is that one has lost one's positive opinion about something
55DisgorgeTo expel or cause to spill out
56DisingenuousNot sincere
57DisparageBe critical of, and to denigrate
58DisparateUnique in its own way distinctive
59Disquisition A lengthy or elaborate analysis of a topic, an extended or complex written or spoken report
60DisseminateSpread your wings widely, spread the word ideas around, and to spread.
61DissentNot agreeing with the generally or publicly held opinion
62DissimulateTo hide or conceal the feelings of one's self
63DissonanceLacking harmony, discord
64DistraughtAfraid and worried Very worried and upset, but also distracted
65DivestStrip off, in order to be deprive (of the power, rank, etc.)
66DivulgeReveal information,
67DocileSimple to control Easy to control, easy to discipline submissive
69DogmaticAffirming one's belief as being true, and insisting that one's beliefs must be accepted
70DoldrumsA state of depression or inactivity
71DolefulSad, sorrowful, and sorrowful
72DomineerTo be ruled in a brutal or arrogant manner, or to rule in a way that is excessive and arrogant
73DormantTemporarily inactive Slow down
74Double-entendreA word or phrase that has two meanings, one of which is typically rude
75Dowdyis not trendy or stylish when it comes to dress
76DraconianThe harsh or the strict, cruel and brutal
77DrivelInsane talk, silly and nonsense
78DubiousDoubting, unsure, hesitant not reliable or having a certain level of quality
79DullardA dumb or unimaginative person
80DuressViolence, threats or force employed to force someone to perform a task
81DysfunctionalIneffective, inability to handle normal social relationships
Words That Start with D (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Words That Start With D – A deliberate determination gets the job Doing with the right amount of determination, you will assist your students to develop an ongoing passion for words. Begin the journey of learning when you introduce new concepts to your students but let them discover new ways to incorporate them into their lives.

If you’re looking to find some more D words to teach your students, visit www.Quranmualim.com list of words which begin with the letter D. Fill out using the search feature to locate words, A Words, B Words, C Words and D Words that have the right length and letter!

If you’re loving these letter-by-letter, Word by Word vocabulary lessons, continue to go through the alphabet by using words that begin with E for children.


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What are some D words for children?

A few of the D words for children include door, dig drink, date, dinosaur deer, desk donkey dart, deep dance, Drum, Drink, Dummy, Honky and dab, dip dad, dent dark, dock etc.

What are Kindergarten D terms for children?

A few of D Words for Kindergarten Kids are daily, drum dose, dull, drift dabble, danger, dirty, doom, driblet and deaf. dumb doctor, die completed, driven dam, damage do done, did etc.

What are some preschool D terms for children?

D -Words A few of the most popular preschool D words for children include dog, doll, drop, do daisy, daffodil dawn dusk, dusk, dim light drop, dot dish, dice damp, delight delicious, delicious and many more.

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