Words That Start With B For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start With B For Kids – The most effective vocabulary classes are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes. The ability to speak and spell words from an early age can help your students achieve great success.

One strategy is to break apart the alphabet and learn new words one letter at a time. Choose a new letter each day, and set off on the next adventure! Here, there are excellent B words for children and some games that will make learning enjoyable.

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Words That Start with B

Sr NoWords Meaning
01Babble Talk in a baffling or confusing manner
02Backlogaccumulation of work, an accumulation of reserve An
03Badger: To nag, make you angry, to pester
04BalefulMenacing, deadly, harmful
05BanalPredictable , unoriginal and trite.
06BanterPlayful teasing, warm teasing
07Baritone The man's singing voice in between bass and teno
08Barragea large number of inquiries or complaints, a hefty attack
Shy and easily embarrassing
09BaulkHesitate to accept, deter or block
10BawdyIndecent and obscene
11Beacon ships.A flame that is placed on a hill for signal, or light acting as a signal to aircraft
12Bedlam: noisy and confusion and confused location Any place or circumstance that creates noise
13Beguile: Trick, trick, or trick to trick or deprive the pleasure of
14BehestIn response to the order or request of, a command , or an sincere demand
15BeleaguerTo annoy, under pressure repeatedly, or in a situation of difficulty and irritate
16BenevolentKindness, understanding and considerate
17BenignKindly, good natured
18Bequeath To bequeath to another person in one's will, or give property to someone else by will
19BerateTo scold harshly and to berate angrily
20Bereavement To leave in a sorrowful or lonely condition, like the passing of a loved one
21Bereft: Not alone, lonely, or abandoned
22BerserkIn or out of an intense rage or frenzy
23BesiegeTo encircle the area with armoured forces
24BesmirchTo soil, to damage one's reputation
25Bibliography: : A list of the books mentioned to in written works or list of books on specific subjects
26Bigot A person who is prejudiced and intolerant one who is blind and with no tolerance to a certain belief
27Bionic Extremely strong, expert and electronically strong
28BizarreVery strange, unusual, odd, grotesque
29BlaseUnsatisfied with something due to years of experience, bore, or satiated
31Blasphemy Profound disrespect for God or sacred objects or words spoken in a disrespectful manner.
32BlearyDark and unfocused or blurred
33Blemish: A tiny flaw or mark that is a mark or flaw, which can be ruined or damaged (verb) or a flaw
34BlendTo mix easily, blend well.
35BogusFalse, fake
36BoisterousNoisy, energetic and high-spirited
37BolsterSupport or reinforce
38BraggartA boastful person
39BrainchildAn idea of a particular person or idea
40Brandish: To make something appear as an attack or in response to the basis of excitement or anger.
41BravoWell done
42BravuraExcellent talent and passion
43Breaking a rule: Breach an agreement, or a violation or the gap
44Brevity : Concise and precise usage of language, speed of time, shortness
45Broach : Bring up a topic for discussion , in order to initiate an exchange of
46BrowbeatTo intimidate
47Brusque: a rough and abrupt style of speech and offhand
48BucolicRustic, rural, and of the country
49BugbearSomething that causes anxiety or irritation. source of anxiety or annoyance.
The buoyant: able to float happily
50Bureaucrat: Official of the government, who strictly adheres to the rules
51BurlyStrong, large and large (of men)
52Bustle: Move vigorously or with an engaged in an activity
53BygoneBelonging to the past
54Byword: A notable illustration of something, or an expression
Words That Start with B (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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B Words for Kids Abound

B words – With the right guidance with the right guidance, we can set young students up for success right even before they reach the age of preschool or early age. Actually, the earlier children are excited about tiny victories, such as spelling words like bee and the more they’ll be looking for those opportunities.

In order to boost the fun of B-words, take a the time to look over these A words printable spelling worksheets for free. They also provide a few suggestions to help you in teaching spelling consistently and effectively.

B Is Just the Beginning

Make use of www.QuranMualim.com comprehensive collection of Arabic words, Arabic School Words, Arabic Alphabets, Arabic learning and English words beginning in the A letter to build your own personal vocabulary list of B-words.

Simply fill in your advanced search box and select the letter the words begin with or the length you want for your word. After you’ve learned about words that begin with B and C, it’s time to move to the next letter of the alphabet. Prepare to discover words that begin with C for children..


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Frequently Asked Questions on B Words for Kids

Some of the B Words for Kids

Words That Start With B – Some of the B-words for children are ball and banana boil, bake bear, bar and bare. They also include beat beaf, boat black bird, bat, ban and balm. birth, bark, berth Bask, basket bingo, binge blossom, huge, larger most powerful boost, brag beast, etc.

What are Kindergarten B Words for Kids?

The Kindergarten Words to Learn for Children include bubble, bye, band bun, bunk, but brown, button bell belt, bet break bag, brake balloon, bet but, berry blueberry, blackberry, bent boar, bike ball, back, and so on.

What are some Preschool B Words for Kids?

There are a few Preschool B Words for Kids are bear, bad boy, box, bus blue, bib bird brinjal, boy barn bed, beep bail blues, blink, balloon, blank, etc. Thanks

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