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Words That Start With M – A sound like the M can be the first deliberate sound made by a child. The teaching of M words to children is essential to help children identify that sound as element of written and spoken language. These M-word lists for elementary and kindergarten students will assist learners in building an extensive vocabulary of words that start with the letter. Utilize them to enhance children in their language development.

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Words That Start with M

Sr NoWords Meaning
Scheming and plots
02MacrocosmThe entire complex
03MagnanimousForgiving or generous
04MagnateA powerful and wealthy
05MagnetismThe ability to draw and entice people
06MagnitudeImportant or large or importance
08MandarinA strong official
10MartinetSomeone that enforces discipline
11MalapropismThe incorrect usage of a word in lieu of a comparable like word, mostly due to the mistake of the tongue
12MalefactorA wrongdoer
13MalevolentDoing harm to other people
14MalfunctionIt is impossible to function properly

15MaladroitUnskilled, uncooperative or shrewdness in managing situations
16MaliceThe desire to hurt the person
17ManifoldMany and varied
18ManipulateManage or control your skills
19ManeuverA skilled movement, a carefully designed plan
20MarginalOf or within an amount, small, insignificant
21MasqueradeA pretence
22MatrixA grid-like array of elements

23MaudlinSelf-conscious and sensitive compassion
24MaverickA unique and independent-minded person
25MaximA statement that expresses an overall truth or rule of conduct
26MayhemViolent disorder

27MeagerIn small quantities
29MediocreLow or average quality
30MeekGentle, quiet and respectful
31MegaInformal-huge, excellent
32MeleeDisorganized, confused fight crowd
33MellowVery soft or silky smooth in tone, color or flavor
34MementoA piece of artifact that is used to remind you of something
35MemoirA detailed account of the what happened
36MenaceA troublesome or dangerous person or object
38MentorA seasoned person serving as an adviser
39MerchandiseItems for sale
40MercurialTending to change mood abruptly
41MergerThe fusion of two companies into one
42MeritoriousThe right person to be rewarded and praised.
43MesmerizeCapture the attention of
44MetaphorFigurative speech in which words or phrases are used to signify or be a symbol of something different (eg. food to think about)

Delicate and exact
46MettleCharacter and spirit
47MilieuA person's social environment
48MundaneDull or routine
49MyriadA large number
50MythAn imagined person or thing
Words That Start with M (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Writing Activity for M Words

A lot of these M for kids are fantastic prompts for writing creatively. It is important to determine the level of comfort that your students are with writing. Select words and then encourage students to write about them.

  • If you have a student struggling, you could provide an image of the mesa and ask students to write about their camping experience on top of it.
  • If you know someone who is doing well, you could provide them with the suggestion for “a story with an important message.”

Play Charades With M Words

Words That Start With M -A few of these words might not be very for your students. Take advantage of this fact. A lot of these words can be adapted to play-acting games. Play games of charades with your kids They pick one word and perform what they believe it is.

From Mmm to M Words for Kids

Words That Start With M – A letter is about as straightforward as vocal sounds are. It’s nothing more than an exaggerated breath, while closing the lips. Young children make it up early in development, and a lot of “babbling” consists of M sounds. Vocabulary instruction like this is crucial for kids to move from making noises into expressing sense.

Find a way to match your students’ skills levels with more of the most-read M-words. Quranmualim list of words beginning with M is a follow-up to the previous lists listed above. It also lets users browse the vast lists of words by length of words and desired letters , which will make your plan more generously! To expand your vocabulary further by alphabet, switch to words that begin with the letter N for children. Go deep into the list of words to talk about and find a growing vocabulary.

What are some most frequently used M words for youngsters?

A few of the most commonly used M words for children are monkey, main must, the most, create the, my melt, moss market, money medical, medicine magic meow, magical milkshake, mountain, mount mice, mouse marches, mud miss, map, man, etc.

What are the names of animals that begin with the letter M?

The animal names beginning with the letter M are monkey mouse, mouse, Manatee, Mountain Lion moth, mosquito marketeer, mankind mongoose macaw, mule manta ray, moose moth, mermaid, etc.


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