Words That Start with W For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start with W -W is a significant letter that is important. Even though it’s on the very end of an alphabet, W is present in many important words, such as the well-known 5 W’s (who is, where, what, when, and why). Include other W words for children into your vocabulary with this helpful W list of words. To go along with each group of words is an excellent collection of educational activities and printable.

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Words That Start with W

Sr NoWords Meaning
01WackyFunny and casual
02WaddleTake a walk with a few steps and the motion of swaying
03WagMoving quickly from one place to the next and back, a casual-a person who loves laughing
04WaiveDo not insist on a claim or right
05WallopInformal-hit hard
06WallowIndulge in
07WallyInformal-a jolly person
08WaltzDo not move or behave in a casual manner
09WanThe skin is pale and appears to be unwell
10WaneBecoming weaker as the decline
11WangleInformal-obtention through tricks or persuasion
12WantingLacking, absent
13Ward offBe aware of your surroundings and refrain keep away from causing harm
14WarpCreate something unusual or bizarre.
15WarrantyA written guarantee that guarantees the repair of or replacement an item
17WaspishVery irritable
18WaverThe flickering will weaken, but it's not long before the weakness begins and then become hesitant.
19WaylayIntercept someone to challenge or attack them.
20WaywardSelf-willed and unpredictable
21WeaklingA weak animal or a weak person
22WeanThe reason to stop an habit or habit slowly
23WearisomeCausing weariness
24WearyTired, exhausted
25WedgeThe force is pushed into a narrow area
26WeepyInformal-Tearful and sentimental
27WeightySignificant, serious, and influential
28WeirdStrange, bizarre
29WendSlowly or take an indirect route
30Blanket with a wet surfaceA person who detracts from others enjoyment with their inability to be enthusiastic
31WhackInformal-strike using a powerful blow and whacked-exhausted
32WhetTo stimulate someone's interest or appetite
Use coaxing or cajoling
34WhenceFormal-from where or from which or from where
35WhiffA scent was not smelt for long or lightly
37WhimA sudden desire or change in mind
Fascinating or charming
Informal-repeatly complain
40Whizz-kidInformal: a highly skilled or successful young person
41WhollyCompletely, completely
42WhoopA loud scream of excitement or joy
43WhopperInformal-something huge or a plain deceit
44WinceFlinch or grimace in response to discomfort or pain
45WitticismA humorous comment
46WobbleUnsteadily move from side to one side. (of the voice)-tremble

47WonkyIncorrectly-crooked, unstable or unsteady
48WrangleA long dispute
49WritheSquirm or turn your head in embarrassment or pain
50WryUtilizing or exaggerating humorous dry humor (of faces) bent in displeasure or displeasure
Words That Start with W (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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W Words in the Wild 

Words That Start with W– Our list of W words is designed to assist your students in relating their experiences. Help them identify the animals that make up your community wild animals. You can ask them to identify situations where it is acceptable to speak to them in whispers. Give them pictures of animals warrens such as moles, rabbits, badgers, raccoons, as well as naked mole rats, if you’d like. The goal is to connect the language to the rest of the world.

Wacky, Wiggly Word Games 

If you are looking to strengthen W words as well as parts of speech, at the same time, you can encourage the upper elementary readers to play the game of charades. They can pick from various verbs beginning by w to perform before the class. For readers who are more advanced, you can ask them to utilize an alphabetical listing of adjectives that begin in the letter W for their peers to figure out.

Walking With Ws 

Words That Start with W – While W is an interesting place within our language but it’s essential to our most basic vocabulary. The W word lists are intended to help children of any age come to know the language in ways that are understandable to them.

Are you willing to wage war against the waning of words? There are more options for words within Yourinfomaster’s list of words that begin in the W. Use advanced fields for search to sort the list by the length of words and the letters that are included.

This is a win-win! For more words that enrich your vocabulary explore the words that begin with Z, X and Y. They’re more than just x-rays, Z-words, yo-yos, and Z-words!


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W- Words – Did you read some Words That Start with V on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question about W words. We will gladly explain!

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