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Words That Start With L For Kids – L is an aural sound. L is among the very first sounds that children learn to utilize. The teaching of it in language lessons is a crucial aspect of developing linguistic skills.

These list of L words for children has been intended to entertain students and aid them in separating the difference in their speech from sounds that are similar to.

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Words That Start with L

Sr NoWords Meaning
01LaboriousIt is a task that requires or requires a lot of effort
02LabyrinthA complex network of pathways
03LacerateThe skin or flesh is swollen It could be used to mean an individual's feelings of wounded or injured.
04LackadaisicalA lack of enthusiasm and the need for thoroughness
05LacklusterInspiring but not energizing The boring (not shining)
06LaconicWith a just a few words
07LacunaA gap or missing piece
09LagThe term "fall behind" refers to a period of time in between two events
10LambastRefrain from harsh criticism, censure harshly or snarl
11LampoonMake fun of or mock,
12LanguidA lack of energy or energy levels are low.
13LanguishBe weak or infirm and be forced to stay in an unfavorable place
14LapelA flap that folds back on the coat's side.
15LassitudeEnergy or fatigue or feeling tired or exhausted or laziness; fatigue
17LatentNot yet developed, but existing evident or active
18LateralAt, of, from, or from the sides or the sides
19LavishRich, lavish and lavish. It is also generous, extravagant, and luxurious.
20LaudableA worthy recipient of praise
21LaurelHonour or praise, to honour, in particular by awarding or award or.
22LaxIt is not strict, severe or even careful.
23LegacyA predecessor handed it down
24LeisureIt is time to relax, not occupied, in an slow pace
25LegendaryIn legends, it is described as famous.
26LegibleEasy enough to read
27LegislateMake laws
28LeagueA level of quality or excellence
29LenientA little lenient, not strict.
30LeonineOf or as an leopard
31LestFearing that
32LethalThe ability to cause death
33LethargyInsufficiency of enthusiasm or energy
34LeverageThe ability to influence
35LeviathanA huge or powerful thing, something that is massive in size and strength in the sense of a massive,
36LevityThe humorous treatment of serious issues and lack of seriousness the lightness of spirit and body
37LexicalOf words
38LiabilityAn individual or thing that is that could cause embarrassment or problems, such as being in debt, of being in a position to be liable
39LiaisonCommunication and co-operation
40LibelThe crime of making false information that damages the reputation of a person
41LiberalizeReduce the amount of strictness
42LimerickA funny poem of five lines
43LingerBe slow or reticent to leave, and spend an extended time
44Lingua francaA common language spoken by those whose languages differ
45LinguistA person proficient at foreign languages. or a person who is studying language
46LiquidateCash converts asset into assets
47LividExtremely angry, looking to be dark and inflamed.
48LoatheFeel disgust, hatred and hatred for
49LucreProfits or money
Words That Start with L (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Practice L Words With Writing Prompts

The best upper elementary activities are about the words in their the context of a larger picture. Inspire creativity by providing creative writing exercises that are appropriate for the age group. Students can create poems or stories by drawing ideas from their vocabulary list of words beginning with L.

Learn L Words, Then Move to M

The sound L is easy for kids to create prior to studying words. The sound is a standard one in English since a large number of English words start with L. Are you in need of additional L words to expand your spelling and vocabulary?

There are more on QuranMualim’s list of words beginning in the alphabet L. It’s a wonderful alternative to the lists below, and includes a wonderful advanced search tool that allows you to choose words that have the right words and letters.

Engage your students in the meanings behind these words, to assist them in understanding the world that surrounds them. Keep moving across the alphabet to increase their appreciation for the language arts. Next, they should move on to words that begin with the letter “M” for kids You’ll also discover additional word lists as well as activities.

What are the L Words For Kids?

These L Words For Kids are Learning and Leader, Laughing, Letters, Luck, Lively, Lady, Lighthouse, Lowercase, Landmark, Ladle, Lavender, Little, Lighting, Lounge, Lukewarm, Loophole, Leftovers Little, Late, etc.

What are the four letters of the L Words For Kids?

The 4 letter words for kids are like, Long Line, Look Live Late, List Land Lies, Loans, Lake Lady Laid Lift Loft, Lied Lazy, Lily etc.

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