The Quest (The Egyptian Series Book 4) by Wilbur Smith

The fourth book in the epic Egyptian series The Quest: Warlock: The fourth book in the epic Egyptian series is the Quest.  The Quest is the novel from the hands of the world fame author Wilbur Smith and is termed and named as the best historical novel by Stephen King. The plot of the novel is based on the ancient land when it was ruled by the kings called Pharaoh. They have strange customs and ways of spending life. He is among the best and the biggest world selling author and has produced marvelous masterpiece in the form of the novel Ancient Egypt. The master the Quest is a kind of epic where multidimensional elements are presented with matchless skill and craft. The novel is packed with magic, mystery, romance and bloody plots in the charming and spell bound world. The world is lost now somewhere. The oculus quest and the religion meaning of the term are mixed together in the novel of Wilbur.

The fourth novel from the pen of Smith revolves round the strange and mysterious evil. She belongs to the omnivorous family and does not spare anyone. She does not care whether the victim is meek or mighty, poor or rich, frail or strong, child or old, man or women. Her only target is to devour them and engulf them. It is not their bodies which are the cause of her appetite but their souls are the clear target of her prey.  She is ready to devour everyone her hand lays upon. Whatever the victim is, she leaves only the desiccated husk behind.





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She is so horrible that it is not easy to describe evils in the words. The story takes place the renowned Taita has seen a century of his life. The power of understanding and wit in him has become more mature and he is now able to see the world from different angel and different point of view. But this time his dear country Egypt is facing new and horrible threat in the form of monstrous. This threat to land of Nile is brought out by with Eos. She is old sheer force of evil and is open challenge for Taita and the forces of good. Taita has to pt his life at stake and risk to combat the evil Eos.

If Taita is not alert and agile and wake up to the call, he must have to lose both his land and everything related to his life. The situation is very alarming and the enemy is the mother of all the evils. More than anything else, he is to fight the evil queen Eos for another reason that is the success and reward which he is ever eager to get. The success and reward would surely raise him in the eyes of the gods and the forces of the good.  

The novel is very interesting and worth reading as the writer has packed it with unbelievable ancients and events. Just drop the order and you would really be obliged of such interesting episode of the series.  

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