Egyptology: The Missing Millennium by Okasha El Daly

Egyptology: it means the study of the language, history, and culture of ancient Egypt.  The discipline of the Egyptology and Islamic studies has been included in the course for the first time in the last millennium. It was to show to the European that the Muslims and Arabs had no interest in the pre Islamic culture. The European blamed and repeated the same conventional opinion that the Muslims and especially Arabs were culturally illiterate.

The book in hands covers the period which was most neglected in the history of Egyptology for thousands of years and this starts with the Muslims enter into Egypt as the ruler of the country. It continued till the arrival of the Ottoman in the 16th century. The writer concentrates on the Muslim writers in this book. It is usually believed and reiterated that that the Muslims cut off the ancient history of the Egypt from the other world for centuries.

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The writer of the present book clears the fact that the existence of the large body of Arabic sources about the ancient heritage is because of the Arabs and the Arab writers. They also play useful role in the maintenance of the Egyptology. The writer of the book is using different sources like the accounts of the travelers as well as the hunters to the books on alchemy. He describes the classical writers continued taking their interests in the old Egyptian script and the author also the attempts made by the medieval Arab scholars and especially the Alchemists who deciphered the hieroglyph script.

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The explanation and interpretation of the intact temples are discussed in this boo in detail. The political system especially the kingship and administration of the country of Egypt is explored with vivid example and citations from the history. The episode also includes the interesting personality of Cleopatra and a contrast is made how the Arab people take the romantic story and how it differs from the concept of the story in the Europe. Complete and significant part of the book describes the history how the Egyptian live their lives and how they created marvels like Egyptian pyramids.

The book is a kind of encyclopedia and throws comprehensive light on the life style and the way they control their public and the rules of the governing the country. The people who want to know the history of the ancient world and especially the history of Egypt must read the book. The book would surely satisfy the inquisitive nature of the people who belong to the Pharos of the country. The book would provide sufficient information and guidelines to the country.

This book will be of great interest to academics and students of archaeology, Islamic studies and Egyptology, as well as anyone with a general interest in Egyptian history. You must have this book in your collection for better understanding the ancient world. It presents the world樂威壯
of the magic and charm. It is the world of beauty and the world of fascination.

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