Islam in Modern History by Wilfred Cantwell Smith

Islam in Modern History by Wilfred Cantwell Smith: Islam is the most rapidly spreading religion for its universal appeal and teachings as fro as the worldly affairs and hereafter matters are concerned. Islam has been the most target of the criticism and is criticized time and again by the European writers and scholars. But in spite of the criticism from different sections, it is flourishing day by day. The one that is the criticized more than anything else is that Islam has its teachings which were suitable to some extent in the past but in the modern times, these teachings are going to be unmatched and unsuitable rather they are great hurdles in the way of achieving progress and development. It is blamed to be unpractical and unfit to be followed in the modern times of progress and prosperity. Home history is also not looked upon as ideal one and all this is due to armoire media.

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Wilfred Cantwell Smith is a well-known writer and is great admirer of Islam and is presenting his views about Islam and the modern history. The demands of the modern times are increasing day by day.

New inventions and discoveries have changed the entire world and the concept of living, standard of livings and even the criteria of living have undergone a drastic change. To cope with the needs and demands of the modern day word, one has to change his ideas and even concept of life.      

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