Words That Start with S For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start with S – Your students will be able to hear and pronounce the letter Swell before they can understand it. The ear naturally connects the S sound with anything from the hiss of the sound of a snake to gas released from a salable container.

Check out the following collection of Swords for children and the letter S games to link the sound with that letter S in your children’s reading.

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QuranMualim -S words

Words That Start with S

Sr NoWords Meaning
01SabotageDo not intentionally damage or destroy
02SacrilegeThe disrespect of something is sacred or highly valued.
03SacrosanctIt is too important or valuable to be changed
05SalutaryGiving a positive effect and benefiting the beneficiary
06SalvoAn abrupt series of aggressive words or actions
07SamaritanA person who is helpful or kind.
08SanctimoniousShowing off that you are morally superior
09SanguineOptimistic, cheerful
10SanitizeTo make something unattractive appear acceptable
11SardonicDisgusting, mocking, and sarcastic amusing
12SaturnineDark or gloomy in the way or appearance
14ScallywagInformal-a mischievous person, a scamp; rascal
15ScamInformal-a dishonest scheme
16ScantyA little too small in the amount
17ScapegoatSomeone who is blamed for the wrongdoing of another
18ScathingCritical and harsh
19SkepticalUnbelievably skeptical Not easily convinced; doubting
20SchismA split between opposing groups due to a profound disagreement in opinion
21ScoffTalk about it in a sour tone, disbelievingly eating informal food in a frenzied way
22ScornDisdainful or open contempt
23Scot-freeWithout retribution or punishment
24ScourCleanse by rubbing it with something rough, then search thoroughly
25ScrupleUncertainty regarding whether an action is morally just
26ScrutinizeTake note of the information attentively
27ScuffleA brief and confused fight the need to fight
28ScurrilousAffronting and insulting or insulting
29SeamlessSmooth and smooth with no obvious joints
30SedateSober and calm unflinching, focused and uninvolved
31SeetheChurn or boil, and be filled with great , but unrepressed anger
32SeldomNot often
33Self-righteousIt is certain that one is right or morally superior
34SemanticConcerning semantics,
35SemblanceThe way something appears
36ServileInexpensively eager to help or please others
37SeverSlice off, or tear
38ShadyLegality or doubtful honesty
39ShamSomething that's not so good
40SheepishEmbarrassed or shy
41Shilly-shallyUndecisive, be undecided
42ShindigInformal-a big, lively party
43ShirkDo not work or perform any duties.
44SubtleIncredibly delicate and precise that they are difficult to comprehend
45SuperficialOn or near the surface, but not extensive or deep
46SurpassBe superior or greater than
47SurrealStrange and dreamlike
48SurreptitiousDoing it secretly, and doing it in a stealthy manner
49SynergyCollaboration between two
50SyntaxThe arrangement of phrases and words to create sentences
Words That Start with S (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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QuranMualum- S words

Words That Start with S – We picked these words to use as essay prompts. Give your children the chance of writing on “The Sage and Her Spade” or other types of scrapes that a Spider Spy might get into. The idea of linking this imaginative work to the sometimes dull task of learning vocabulary can make kids more enthusiastic about reading.

Superlative S-Word Charades 

Connect S terms and their meaning through the enthralling round of charades. Begin by dividing your class into groups. Then, utilize an alphabet of verbs that begin with S and have the students play around with S phrases for the teams to try and guess.

S Stands for Success 

S is a regular letter, but it has extraordinary power. Start your students off with simple lists to remember and gradually engage the students in more innovative tasks; your class will develop a piece of in-depth knowledge about the letters S and its vocabulary and feel the pleasure and importance of the language in general.

Words That Start with S – Are you still looking for powerful Swords? QuranMualim list of words beginning in the S letter is an ideal place to start. It lets you find words according to length notes beginning and ending letters using its advanced search feature. Super! To learn more about vocabulary and etymology, have the time to look through our words that begin with the letter T.


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Did you read some Words That Start with S on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question about S words. We will gladly explain!

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