Words That Start With O For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start With O – The O sound O has been part of the vocabulary of your children since the beginning of their verbal development and included lots of “oh” and “ooh.”

This listing of O words for children is designed to assist the children take the initial step of moving from O being an reflexively sound to being a part of an actual word. Then, they can keep on the path of lifetime reading.

The Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know, Beginning with the letter O

3 Letter O Words for Kids

  • Two
  • Oil

For more words, go to three letter words that begin with the letter O..

4 Letter O Words for Kids

  • Joey
  • Only

For more words, go to four letters that begin with the letter O.

5 Letter O Words for Kids

  • Some
  • Orbit
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Words That Start with O

Sr NoWords Mening
01OafA dumb or unclumsy or stupid man
02ObdurateStubborn, hardhearted
03ObeisanceA simple request for bows or curtsy
04ObfuscateThen it becomes difficult or unclear comprehend
05ObliterateCompletely cover or destroy and then blot it out. erase
07ObloquyDisgraceful public criticism and strong public opinion
08ObnoxiousVery unpleasant
09ObscureNot well understood, difficult to comprehend or discern, or hide or obscure
10ObsequiousRespectful and overly obedient
11ObsessThen, you can be enthralled to an alarming degree.
12ObsoleteNot anymore manufactured or utilized, no longer in use
13ObstinateInsistence on refusing to change their mind is difficult to manage
14ObstreperousUnruly and loud, particularly in the face of control resistance.
15ObtrudeGet noticed in a unwelcome manner, and force yourself into an unwelcome situation
16ObtuseSlow to grasp Sharp, slow to be aware of perception and thick headed
17ObviateTake away a need or a difficulty
18OccupationalIn the context of a profession or job
19OdiousVery unpleasant
20OdiumDisgust or hatred that is widely spread
21OfficiousThe assertion of authority in an excessive manner
22OmenA situation that is viewed as an indication of the future or bad luck
23OminousIndicating that something negative is likely to occur
24OmnipotentBeing able to have unlimited or very powerful power
25OmnipresentAll around the world.
26OmniscientBeing able to know everything, literally
27OnerousIt requires a lot of effort and is difficult
28OnsetA new beginning
29OnslaughtA brutal attack

30OnusA duty
31OodlesInformal-a very great quantity
32OperationalIn use or ready for use, of operation of an organisation
33OpineExpress one's opinions to express or hold
34OpportuneThis occurs at an especially suitable timing
35OppressiveInflicting harm and injustice, which can cause anxiety or distress.
36OptimalThe most favorable or the best
37OptimismConfidence and optimism about the future, or the potential success of something
38OptimizeMake the most efficient use of
39OpulentLuxurious and extravagant
40OrationA formal speech
41OratoryPublic speaking in formal settings, especially when it is inspiring
42OrdealAn extended painful or terrifying experience
43OutlandishStrange or inconvenient, bizarre
44OutsourceOrganise for work to be completed outside of the company

45OutwitInflict defeat through cunning or cleverness
46OvationA long and enthusiastic applause
47OvertShowed or performed in public
48OverwhelmFeel a powerful emotional impact on, and overpower
49OverwroughtExtremely nervous or anxiously excited
Words That Start with O (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Context Conversations

Words That Start With O – Students must also understand the significance of these terms to their daily lives. Be sure to talk about the larger context for these words, along with their definitions and spelling. Your students are able to deal with it. The connection of “officer” and police, or “ornament” and a Christmas tree, can create the images that your students will see in their heads that will help their lessons stick.

Building a Strong O Vocabulary

Words That Start With O – The O, the letter O that is loudly sung represents the realization sound, that moment of realization that was a mystery until that point. This O list of words for children are written in the same spirit.

Make use of these lists of things that begin with O to let students feel that excitement of discovery. QuranMualim has an abundance of O words too! Look through the listing of words beginning in the alphabet O for additional options to add to your vocabulary. You can sort them by words that begin or end by the letters O as well as for the desired length of your words also.

Continue to help your students to build a strong vocabulary by moving towards the following letter of the alphabet. Explore with your kids words that begin with the letter P while you help your children to develop the language arts that are appropriate for their age.

What are some O words for children?

The most common O words for kids include one time orange, ointment only, owl or ostrich, orchid organ and olive. Oats, olives, oven, ocean, oil and more. Here are a handful of O words for children.

What are a few Kindergarten O Words for Kids?

A few kindergarten O Words for Kids are Okay, okay offering, offered object, open, oasis and on, old watch, take note, happened in, common organ, and so on. These are just a few of the Kindergarten O vocabulary for children that are taught in a straightforward and fun manner.

What are a few Preschool O Words for Kids?

The preschool O Words for Kids are Obsolete, onset, obsolete Octopus, origin ocean optimal, okra the octagon, ornaments, oppose optimistic, out our, outside, etc. You can introduce these O words to children by helping them understand the meaning and significance of the words.


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