Arabic Alphabet Chart | Arabic Letter Formation Free PDF

Here is a handy Arabic Alphabet chart in Free PDF format Download. Dear, In this Article We will learn about Arabic Alphabet Chart | Arabic Letter Formation Free  PDF. Free Arabic Alphabet Learning is not as hard as you think. Just like the English, Urdu and Arabic alphabet all it takes is just continuous practice. The hardest part is the sounds which don’t exist in the English & Arabic language. Alf, Baa, Taa, ha, kha, ayn and ghayn are notoriously difficult to learn for those beginning to study the Arabic language. Check out our PDF Alphabets for some pointers on how to pronounce these troublesome All Arabic letters.

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How to write the Arabic Alphabet?

Dear Students, The 1st lesson to learning Arabic is to understand the basic characteristics of the Arabic writing system.  The most important points are:

  • There are 28 Arabic letters in the Arabic language.
  • There are 28 Arabic in Arabic change their shape as per the word positioning.
  • Short vowels words are not common in the Arabic language.
  • There is One basic shape for each of the  Arabic Alphabet.
  • Remind it, Capitalization is not found in All Arabic Alphabets.

28 Arabic Letter Crafts for Kids

Some Arabic Letters for You : 1) Alif (الله = ا – Allah), 2) Baa (باب = ب – Door), 3) Taa (تفاحة = ت – Apple). 4) Thaa (ثعبان = ث – Snake). 5) Jeem (جمل =  – Camel), 6) Haa (حوت =  – Fish/Whale), 7) Khaa (خل =  – Vinegar), 8) Daal (دعاء = د – Supplication), 9) Dhaal (ذئب = ذ – Wolf), 10) Raa (رمان = ر – Pomegranate), 11) Zaa (زيتون = ز – Olive), 12) Seen (سفينة = س – Ship), 13) Sheen (شمس = ش – Sun), 14) Sawd (صلاة = ص – Prayer), 15) Dawd (ضحى = ض – Forenoon), 16) Taw (طواف = ط – Circumambulation), 17) Dhaw (ظلال = ظ – Shade), 18) ‘Aeen (عنكبوت = ع – Spider), 19) Ghaeen (غيمة = غ – Cloud), 20) Faa (فراشة = ف – Butterfly), 21) Qaaf (قارب = ق – Boat), 22) Kaaf (كعبة =  – House of Allah-Kaaba ), 23) Laam (ليل = ل – Night (Raat )), 24) Meem (مسجد = م – Mosque), 25) Noon (نخلة = ن – Date-Palm Tree), 26) Haa (هداية = ه – Guidance), 27) Wow (ورقة = و – Paper/Sheet),  and 28) Yaa (يمين / يسار = ي – Right/Left)

The Arabic alphabet is written in copperplate style Only.

 Dear, When Arabic is written, it is done in cursive or backhand form, making all the Arabic letters connected and flowing. Writing the All-alphabets Arabic easily makes it advisable to push the pen rather than pull it to promote a natural write hand movement. This is pretty difficult for right-handed people.

Although, for the lefties (Left Hand), Arabic alphabet writing is specifically designed for you as you would never smudge the paper ever again. Yet, basic Arabic All Alphabets remain the same for the lefties (Left Hand) as well as the right-handed people. So, keep moving from one alphabet to another Alphabet without any delay or lifting the pen.

Proper Style of Pen Handling

 Dear, You could significantly improve your writing fluent and fluency by holding the pen with your fingertips grip. This learning technique offers better control and command and improves control for finer details required for All Arabic Alphabet.

Wrist Flexibility

This is something that no textbook, notebooks, worksheets is ever going to tell you. The plasticity of the wrist demands hand practice. The basic movement for smooth writing the Arabic alphabets is to make clockwise loops. Practice it daily basics. Try to make clockwise loops on a piece of paper every day from right to left side.

Some different methods can be used to speed up the learning and writing of Arabic alphabets. These learning techniques will help in the process of fluent learning. Here are some methods you can apply to your fluent learning:

Try to write the Arabic alphabet and Arabic words continuously without lifting the pen. Arabic writing needs an easy relationship from one letter to another letter, which means an effortless and flowing beautiful writing style. Try to keep writing continuously from one letter to the next letter without any Hurdle.

Let’s start to learn the Arabic alphabet.

Beautiful Kids , Keep in Mind , In this lesson, to learn Arabic easily online offline , we will study the Arabic alphabet Insha Allah (www. This Arabic Alphabet Chart | Arabic Letter Formation Free  PDF

 lesson is designed to:

  • Learn the names of the Arabic letters of the Arabic alphabet. These Arabic letters are written in phonetics to best help you.
  • Practice to Arabic letters with our Free PDF to know the correct writing of these Arabic letters.
  • Remember that Arabic is written and read from right to left side. Although, read the Arabic letters below from right to left to follow this course’s logical order.
  • For Example: The following six Arabic letters: و ز ر ذ د أ never attach with the letter, or long vowel, that follows them
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If you end up making any craft out of these, please do share it with us and tag us on social media Channels (Instagram or Facebook, Tweeters, Linkdin). Tell us in the comments below in the Comments Box Only which one is your favorite craft?

Enjoy, Children love dot to dots PDF . Free Download Arabic Alphabet Chart | Arabic Letter and print our free Arabic alphabet dot-to-dot worksheets to teach Arabic letter formation. Join the dots and continue by yourself.Thanks.

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Arabic Alphabet-letter formatio cards

Grammar-Students-writing Worksheet

1-Alif dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

2-Ba dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

3-Ta dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

4-Tha dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

5-Jeem dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

6-Ha dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

7-Kha dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

8-Dal dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

9-Dhal dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

10-Ra dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

11-Za dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

12-Seen dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

13-Sheen dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

14-Saad dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

15-Dhaad dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

16-Ta dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

17-Dha dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

18-Ayn dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

19- Gain dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

20-Fa dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

21-Qaf dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

22-Kaf dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

23-Laam dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

24-Meem dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

25-Noon dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

26-Ha dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

27-Waw dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

28-Ya dot-to-dot Printable PDF Worksheets

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