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Words That Start With C For Kids  – Children can test themselves by using simple C words that begin with C! There are many methods to learn about spelling the most effective approach is to break down the alphabet and learn new words with the individual letters.

Here, there are a variety of C words for children and activities that will keep learning interesting and enjoyable for children who are just beginning to learn.

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Words That Start with C

Sr NoWordsMeaning
01CaboodleA whole group
02CacophonyA raucous mix of sounds the sound of jarring Discord
03CageyInformal- cautiously reticent to talk to anyone.
04CajoleUse flattery to persuade
05CalamityA sudden disastrous event
06CalibrateMake sure the accuracy is maintained by any instrument you are using by checking results with the readings of a normal
07CaliberQualities or abilities
08CallousUnforgiving and brutal, uncompromising and hardened
09CallowImmature and inexperienced
10CamaraderieFriendship and trust
11CamouflageA disguise to hide or conceal yourself using camouflage
12CandidStraight and honest
15CantankerousUncooperative and intolerant
17CapitalizeProfit from the conversion or by providing financial capital
18CapitulateTo give in, yield, surrender
19CapriciousThe subject of sudden changes in behavior, erratic, susceptible to exaggerations (eccentricities)
20CaptiousThe tendency to find small faults and quick to identify the fault, difficult to make
21CaptivateKeep the interest in the bank.
22CareeristSomeone who is determined to advance in their profession
23CardinalChief, principal, and most important
24CarpComplain continuously
25CastigateReprimand thoroughly, and to discipline particularly severely, especially through public criticism
26CataclysmA catastrophic or violent event A abrupt, violent change
27CatapultDo not hesitate to throw
28CatastropheA sudden great disaster
29CatchyRemarkable, easy to recall
30CategoricalAbsolutly clear and concise
31CatharsisThe release of pent-up emotions
33CautiousBe careful to stay clear of dangers or errors
34CaveatA caution, a condition
35CensureDisapprove strongly, with a strong voice to denigrate as wrong
36CerebrateTo consider
37CertitudeAn assurance, a feeling of certainty
38ChagrinAnger or shame over the fact that you failed
39CharismaticBeing spiritually graceful, inspiring
40ChequeredThe occurrences are characterized by periods of varying fortune, often marked by fluctuations
41ChicaneryLegal sleight of hand and deceit
42ChideRebuke or ridicule
43ChinosCasual trousers made of a soft cotton fabric
44ChivalrousAs of an ideal knight friendly and polite toward women
45CholericIrritated, easily angry
46ChoreographMake a list of steps and moves to dance
47ChronicFor a long period of time extremely bad (informal)
48ChronicleAn account of historic events or a sequence of incidents
49ChronologicalIn the order that things took place
51ChumInformal-a close friend
52ChumpInformal: a foolish person
53ChunkA substantial amount of a solid piece
54ChurlishBad temper or rude
55CiaoHello or goodbye
56CinchInformal is a simple task and a guarantee
57CipherAn unimportant code thing or person
58Circuitousof the route) Indirect and long roundabout
59CircumlocutionThe use of a variety of words when fewer would be or the way to roundabout using a word to describe something
60CircumscribeLimit, restrict
61CircumspectSensible, prudent
62CircumstantialOf evidence)suggesting that something is not conclusively proving the existence of something
63CircumventEscape a challenge, to solve it or avoid it happening, using art or inventiveness
64Clam upInformal-refuse talk or reply Do not speak. Be quiet
65ClamourA loud, confused sound A loud and confused protest, or a strong request
66Clamp downClampdown(noun)
67ClandestineConceived in secret
68ClangerInformal: an error or mistake
69ClaptrapInsane, empty speech aimed to garner applause
70ClauseA specific portion of a phrase with the verb of its own, a singular element of a treaty law or contract
71ClaustrophobiaFear of being in an enclosed space
72ClericalOffice work, of the clergy
73ClicheA term or idea that has been used a lot or idea that is a clichéd, common phrase
74ClienteleCollectively, clients
75ClinchFind a solution quickly, a tight hold on the boxing mat, and an embrace
76ClinicalInsistent and neutral
77CliqueA small and exclusive group of individuals
79CoalesceTo combine and form into a whole or mass
80CoalitionTemporary alliances, particularly. political parties
81CocksureAbsolutly certain, confident or certain
82CoercePersuade using threats or force, to forcibly, with to use force
83CogentThe logic and the persuasive
84CogitateTo think about deeply things to think about, to consider
85CognizancePerception, knowledge , or awareness
86CoherentConnecting logically coherent and logical and clear and concise
87CollateralA promise if one is unable to pay back the loan, whether either in parallel or in a corresponding
88CommiserateShow sympathy or empathy
Can have or use and be consistent
90ComplacencySelf-satisfaction, smugness insecure self-satisfaction
91ComplementThe amount required to finish or fill or complete or enhances the quality of something
92ComplicityThe involvement in wrongdoing
93ComprehensiveIn addition to all or almost all
94ConcedeTo acknowledge as truth to accept, surrender any advantage or right to admit loss in a competition
95ConciseShort and straight direct, giving details clearly and straight to the important
96ConcordantIn the agreement
97ConcurIt's true, they happen simultaneously
98CondescendMake it appear as if one is more superior than the rest, perform an act that is considered to be unworthy
99CondoneTo accept or excuse an offense or mistake, or to ignore an offense
Words That Start with C (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Dear Teachers and Parents, Create Spelling fun (and Competitive)If your children’s readers are getting bored of the spelling Game test It’s time to change the way you spell. Explore some exciting DIY spell-checking games which work in any school setting Make sure to include the following C words for children in your daily spelling lessons.

Create a Visual For Young Learners

C- Words For words to be able to stay in children’s minds it’s important to link the words with real-world situations. While you work on each word from the list mentioned above, you could bring some props to the classroom. For example, you can hold the candle and request students to find it, and afterward, someone is able to walk up on the table and draw the word.

Make Vocabulary into Artwork

A fun method to get students to recall important vocabulary words is to have students to sketch one word. Give them a few minutes of “free draw” time to choose one of their vocabulary words on a piece of paper. Then, you can adhere their drawings onto a piece of construction paper.

Play C-Word Charades

An excellent activity for classrooms is one that keeps students engaged and active. Write all your vocabulary words on your own flashcards. Ask students to play out the words that are pulled. To do this they can perform a companion act or write. It is possible to grant the students all the props that might be needed. Perhaps you’ll make a word list on the board to ensure that students can choose words from.

Catapult Children’s Vocabulary

The earlier the young learners around the globe experience the satisfaction that comes with the aptitude to read and spell, the better placed they’ll be in their academic pursuits. While you work to influence lives with these printable, make sure to check these out. spelling worksheets.

It is also possible to explore www.Quranmualim.com, www PDF Hive.com www.yourinfomaster.com and www.myinfomaster.com list of words which start in the letter C to get additional spelling and vocabulary choices.

It allows you to make the word lists of your choice by filling in those advanced fields based on the length of the word or by letters that are included. After that, continue your alphabet with the words that begin with D for children.


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