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Words That Start With N – N is the letter. N has the status of being second in frequent consonant in English. It is the only one where T is more frequently used. The list below of N words for children is designed to assist students in turning this fundamental sound into a more developed conceptual concept in linguistics. We’ve gone far beyond a standard word list and have created an engaging curriculum for students from all grades to discover words that begin with the letter N.

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Words That Start with N

Sr NoWords Meaning
01NabFind a criminal and then take them off in a flash
02NaiveInexperience or lack of judgment
03NarcissisticA lot of attention to one's appearance and self
A narrative or a narrative,
05NascentIt's just beginning to take shape Emerging
06NatterChatter between friends
08NebulousInconclusively defined, vague
09NegateStop or reverse the effects of, or denial of the existence of
10NeophyteA beginner, a novice or a brand new convert
11NepotismThe show of affection shown to family members or friends (Eg. by offering them work)
12NeutralizeEffectiveness is not guaranteed.
13NicheA situation or an activity that is suitable to an individual's needs or abilities or the job or position that one is well-suited
14NimbleRapid and responsive
15NincompoopA silly and stupid person or one who is a fool
16NocturnalDo or active at night
17NonchalantRelaxed and calm
18NonconformistSomeone who doesn't conform to established norms of behavior or ideas and does not adhere to established norms and beliefs
19NondescriptNot many interesting or unique characteristics
20NonentityA non-important thing or person A person or thing that is of no or little importance
21NonplussedConfusion and surprise
22NormThe common or normal thing
23NostalgiaWanting to relive the joyous days of the past
24NoteworthyImportant or interesting
25NousInformal-common sense
26NoviceA person who is brand new and without prior experience in a particular job circumstance
27NuanceA small difference in the meaning or meaning shading, distinction, the gradation
28NullifyLegally illegal, invalidate the impact of
29NadirThe point at which you are the lowest
30NemesisA way to get inevitable and undeserved downfall. the nemesis is a thing that one cannot defeat or overcome, for example.
31NeologismA new wordwith meaning use, phrase, or usage
32NefariousCriminal or wicked, infamous because of their being exceptionally wicked.
33NescientInsane, ignorant Uninformed, ignorant,
34NeuroticExtremely sensitive, anxious or obsessive
35NexusA connection or a sequence of connections

36NiggardUnkind, gripping, stingy person A miser.
37NimbusA shimmer, a halo, a radiance of beauty around any person or object
38NomenclatureA set of words that are used to describe a specific topic.

Support and care for the development and growth of, and have a belief or trust for an extended period of time
41NotoriousFamous for something that is bad
43Nouveau richePeople who are recently wealthy and are displaying their wealth in a glaring or unappealing manner
The figure 0, zero
45Nitty-grittyInformal: the most crucial details of the subject
46NitwitInformal-a foolish , silly or foolish person
47NicetyAccuracy, a fine point and refinement. It is a delicacy in the taste
48NetherBelow or beneath lying, considered to be lying beneath the surface of the earth's crust, the netherworld
49NegligibleInsignificant or insignificant enough to not even be worthy of consideration
Words That Start with N (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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The Etymology of N Words Activity

Words That Start With N – Many of these terms were selected for their intriguing origins. Get your students involved in the etymological aspects of their words. For instance, Quranmualim to be a reference to “nothing” in English because it’s Spanish for “zero. “Novel” literally means “the new thing” since the writing of stories in prose is “the new thing” in the 16th century. Let your students be a part of the magic that is the English language through discovering the etymological meaning of the N word list provided.

The N and Outs: Things That Start With N

Words That Start With N -The frequent frequency that occurs with the N sound makes it an essential component of vocab. This process starts by making lists. However, expands into the roots as well as the possible future of the language. When students can connect an abstract concept as basic as the letter N with their own stories and lives They become part of the process of keeping this language in the present.

Are you looking for more ideas for your next list of words? Quranmualim offers a great listing of terms beginning in the alphabet A. It is possible to fill out your advanced search field to refine down your options by length of words and even the letters. To gain a deeper understanding of vocabulary and etymology take an examination of our words that begin with O!

What are some kindergarten N words for children?

Some of the kindergarten N terms for children include number, nag nice, brand new, require near, net name, cool Nod, nut not, nope, curious noun, noun nosey neck, nest, etc.


What are some N words for preschoolers? for children?

Some most popular preschool N words for children include nature, nail, nap nightingale, necklace, notepad, ninja and now, nurse normal and newborn. nine, nerd and nose. nomadic, etc.

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