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Serf – Serf Definition | Serf Meaning PDF Download

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Serf – Serf Definition | Serf Meaning – Arabic grammar comprises two branches, i.e., Nahw (syntax) and Sarf (Etymology and Morphology.) This is a formal English language textbook, devoted solely to the subject (Sarf) and is exceptionally detailed, filled with examples and exercises, and written with a formal style Darul Ulooms (Islamic Colleges) generally prefer.

Easy Etymology is a concise and straightforward grammar textbook designed for Arabic beginners. Arabic Language. One of the unique features of this text is that every chapter is divided into five parts. Viz. Vocabulary and definitions, Paradigms, Rules, and exercises. This helps to make learning easy for students.

Between two and 5 new terms are taught during every lesson, and these words are repeated throughout the text. The student’s expectation is to comprehend more than 100 basic Arabic verbs and their many different ways of using them. The laws are introduced gradually, and a step-by-step explanation is given for their proper application.

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Serf – Serf Definition | Serf MeaningWhat is Srerf

This unit combines classical and modern Arabic along with grammar. The course takes students with no experience in Arabic to create a comprehensive understanding of the two major sciences that aid in deciphering the syntax of sentences within Arabic, i.e., Nahw (Syntax) and Sarf (Morphology). Examples from Prophetic narratives will be used to illustrate the rules so that students will be familiar with the words and sentence structure of our Prophet SAW.

Level I Arabic is the initial course and provides an extremely thorough introduction to basic concepts in Arabic. Arabic Language.

 Who is it intended for? 

You should be able to understand the Qur’an easily. You should commit to at least 4 hours of contact time each week and at a minimum additional two hours of personal studying. Students who do not know how to write or read Arabic must enroll in this program. Beginners Arabic as well as the Quran.

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 The topics discussed 

In Module 1 in Module 1, the subjects listed below will be discussed together with selected chapters from books like Ten Lessons & Introduction to Modern Arabic and customized worksheets that help students apply their understanding of grammar concepts and build the vocabulary of the world:

  • Key terms that are relevant to the study of al-Nahw. (Ism”, fi’l, ma’rifah, nakirah, harf and more);
  • The indefinite and the definitive;
  • The sun and moon’s letters;
  • Common variants of demonstrative and personal pronouns that are detached;
  • A key term that is relevant to the study of the sarf
  • The categorization of verbs: imperfect, perfect imperative, triliteral quadriliteral; the basic and derived; the different forms and sounds of the verb
  • The perfect active verb that comes from simple triliteral roots;
  • It is the Masculine as well as Feminine. Feminine nouns;
  • The singular, dual, and the plural;
  • An introduction of the three cases The nominative, the accusative and genitive declension by vowels and letters; as well as the diptote
  • Forms derived from the triliteral verb
  • Using a dictionary;
  • The perfect active verb positive from triliteral forms derived from the verb;
  • The passive and active negative and positive versions of the verb in the past tense;
  • The”mudhari” (imperfect) verb is active negative, passive, and negative forms derived from related and straightforward roots.
  • Al-Murakkab al Tawseefi (the adjectival expression) and other common adjectives



 Students will get the Sarf Textbook here this site and a Sarf Workbook (PDF) for use in class and homework.

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Conjugation of first chapter

Conjugation-tables suurah al Qasas

Creed class-1

Creed class-2

Matan Alhazari Arabic


Reference chart conjugation

Sarf worksheet 5 For chapter one Verbs

Sarf Worksheet-1

Sarf Worksheet-1

Sarf Worksheet-2

Sarf Worksheet-3

Sharh Qawaaidul-arbaa-2

Sharh-Qawaaidul arbaa class-4

Download Title Paste Here

Sharh-Qawaaidul arbaa class-1

Sharh-Qawaaidul arbaa class-2


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