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Words That Start With H  – H words for kids show one common theme The letter H is a fan of pairing up with the other letters in the alphabet. When students are practicing the different sounds made by this shapeshifter from the alphabet they are also able to explore the world filled with compound names, homology and many more. From per-school to fifth grade, we’ve got many H-words and activities that use letters H to keep vocabulary at the spotlight and, dare we say, a thrilling undertaking.

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Words That Start with H

Sr NoWords Meaning
01HackneyedInsane and boring and boring, dulled by repeated use
02HaggardFeeling tired and unwell Looking exhausted and sick, sporting an unruly, squatter or worn appearance
03HalcyonA peaceful and serene and peaceful, serene, beautiful
04HallucinateYou can't see something that isn't in fact present, experience sound, sight etc. that do not exist
05HaplessUnlucky, unfortunate
06HarangueCriticize aggressively, a long blustering speech
07HarbingerA sign or an indication of something, an antecedent
08HarmoniousThe process of creating an appealing harmony, agreement or peace, which is the result of having all parts placed in an orderly fashion
09HarrowingIt's very upsetting and distressing
10HauteurPride that is disdainful
11HeadyIntoxicating, with an exhilarating impact
12HearsayInformation received that could not be reliable, rumour or gossip
13Heckleinterrupt a speaker's speech by threatening or abusive remarks or to intimidate the speaker by asking insults or questions
14HeinousExtremely wicked, shockingly wicked and vile
15HerculeanAchieving or possessing immense strength or exertion that requires size, strength and determination
16HeterogeneousVariable, dissimilar, different in quality, structure, etc.
17HeydayThe time period during which a person has the most success, energy, etc.
18HiatusA gap or pause in the course of a sequence
19HinderObstruct or delay
20HobnobMeet with influential people and to be on the same with them. (with)
21HogwashTalking to people who are not sincere writing, talking about etc.
22Hoi polloiThe common people, the ordinary hoi=the-poloi=people
23HomonymA word that shares similar spelling, pronunciation and meaning, but having a distinct meaning and the source of which is.
24HoodwinkTrick or deceit
25HorrendousThe most unpleasant or horrific terrible
26HortatoryServing, encouraging, or advising to inspire or encourage good actions
27HostileUnfriendly, unsupportive
28HubrisSelf confidence or excessive pride arrogance that is due to pride
29HuddleClose group, or mass
Informal-an uproar, clamour, hubbub
31HumaneWith concern and compassion showing concern and kindness, gentle
32HumbugFalse or misleading words or conduct, or technique
33HumilityThe value of being humble
34HumdrumOrdinary or dull, monotonous
35HyperboleStatements deliberately exaggerated for effect, or exaggerated for effect , and should are not to be taken seriously.
36HypocriticalToo crucial
37HypocrisyThe act of a person that appears to be more discerning than is actually the case
39HaughtyDisgraceful and arrogant of others
40HeedPay attention your surroundings, pay attention and pay at
41HilariousVery amusing
42HiltCompletely to the maximum
43HinderRefrain from or delay
44HindsightThe understanding of an incident after it's occurred
45Hocus-pocusIn order to trick people, meaningless words are used the audience., nonsensical words or phrases are used to deceive.
46HoundHarass, get after, pursue
47HurlThrow it with massive force
48HypePublicity that is not exaggerated or excessive or publicize in an overly or exaggerated manner
49HypothesisA suggested explanation with limited evidence that can be used to inform more investigation
50HysteriaUncontrollable or extreme emotion or exuberance
Words That Start with H (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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A Haven of H Words

Words That Start With H  –  Are you looking for a few words that are shorter to add to your vocabulary? Perhaps you’d like to include a few longer words that begin with H? QuranMualim list of words beginning with H is a great option to look up more words. You can even create your own list of words using the powerful Advanced Search feature!

Words That Start With H  – The process of navigating throughout the alphabet learning new words, word by word is one of the most effective ways to inspire a love to grammar and vocabulary. Are you aware of the alphabetic letter “H” loves the most? The answer is “I,” of course! Learn how to make the change from H-words into I-words by using this list of words that begin with the letter I for children. The list includes “ice” and “igloo.”

Which are some of the frequently employed H Words for Kids?

The most commonly utilized H Words for Kids are hit hot, hot, hat the hump, hunger, hamper, hamburger, hunt home, house, his has, had hopes hopeful, heal hill, heat Hint, Hop and heel and hem. etc.

What activities can assist in the process of learning H Words for Kids?

Some of the activities that help in learning H Words for Kids are alphabet tracing activities, construction hats, hula hoops, making the hamburgers and many more. If kids take part with these kinds of activities, they can learn while having fun.

What are some Kindergarten H Words for Kids?

Some of the kindergarten H words for children include Horse, Hold Hey Heap and Hurt. Held, Hail, Hedge Hand Hell and Ham. They are also known as Healthy Happy, Health Hippopotamus, Heaven, History Hump, Hole Hockey, Hog Hem Hi, High, etc.

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