An Islamic Studies Grade 9 Printable Worksheets Download

  1. Surah al Hujuraat
  • Surat-ul-hujuraat-word-to-word Worksheets
  • Ruler Exercises Free Worksheets
  • Surah al Waqi’ah, Free PDF
  • 2. The Sins Free PDF
  • The Forgiving, Free PDF
  • Al Ghafoor Free PDF
  • 4. Exchanging Advice in Islam
  • 5. Zakah, in Islam
  • Zakah: Alms Giving in Islam
  • UNIT 2:
  • 1. Surah al Hujuraat Free PDF
  • 2. The Permissible is Self Evident
  • 3. The Core of Religion
  • Pilgrimmage, Al Hajj
  • 5. The Farewell Pilgrimmage



  • 1. Surah al Waqi’ah,
  • 3. Bearing Good News
  • 4. No to Suicide!
  • 5. The Prophet’s Method of Educating


  • 2. Rules of Raa
  • 4. Social Laws in the Holy Qur’an
  • Tolerance
  • 6. Shariah Rule


  • 2. A Muslim’s Right
  • 3. Etiquette in the Market
  • 4. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
  • 5. Blind Imitation
  1. Lesson Plans:
  • Rules of Raa
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