An Islamic Studies Grade 10 Printable Worksheets Download


  • 1. Surah al Kahf, 1-8
  • Worksheet
  • Surah al Kahf, 1-8
  • Surah al Kahf – Brief Description
  • 2. Makkan and Madinan Qur’an
  • Makkan and Madinan Qur’an
  • 3. The Mind in Islam
  • Mind in Islam
  • 4. Juristic (Fiqh) Schools
  • Jurisprudence_Fiqh Schools
  • ‘I Love Islam’
  • Jurisprudence (1)
  • Fiqh Schools
  • 5. Sakina bint al Hussein
  • Sakina bint al Hussain


  • 2.Collection of the Qur’an
  • Compilation of the Holy Qur’an 
  • 3. The Methodology of Thinking in Islam
  • Methodology of Thinking in Islam
  • 4. Endowments: Giving and Growth
  • 5. Human Development in Islam
  • Human Development
  • UNIT 3:
  • 1. Surah al Kahf
  • 2. The Prophet’s Sunnah
  • The Prophet’s Sunnah
  • Hadith and Sunnah Thought and Culture
  • 3. Dressing Etiquette
  • 4. Differences among Islamic Fuqaha (Jurists)
  • 5. The Prophet’s Methodology in Dawah
  • UNIT 4:
  • 2. Recording the Sunnah
  • Recording Sunnah by Tr. Sumera Nasreen
  • 3. Chastity
  • Chastity
  • 4. Rulings on Marriage


  • 1. Allah’s Prophet Moses
  • Surah al Kahf: S
  • 2. The Scholars’ Efforts in Preserving Sunnah
  • Scholars Efforts
  • 3. Faith in the Unseen (al Ghayb)
  • Faith in the Unseen
  • 4. Obedience of the Ruler
  • Obedience of the Ruler
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