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Words That Start with X – When it comes to favorable terms, the letter X may not be the primary word you consider. But, many words begin with the letter X. For example, from the XOto, the word Xystus. Find some other nice words starting with X that you may be able to include in your dictionary. Then, create a game to make your friends scratch their heads over your language ability.

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Words That Start with X

Sr No Words Meaning
01xanthanA polysaccharide
02xanthateA chemical compound
03xantheneA chemical compound
04XanthianFrom Xanthus
06xanthinA yellow-colored matter
a biochemical substance
08xanthomaan orange patch on the skin
09xebecA sailing vessel
10xemeA fork-tailed gull
11xeniapresents to guests or guests
12xenialrelated to the subject of hospitality
13xenogamyDifferent types of fertilization for flowers
14xenolithA piece of rock was brought into the area from a different location
15xenologyThe study of the study of
16xenonA gaseous chemical element
17xenotimeA mineral with a yellowish-brown color.
18xericVery dry and
19xeromaunusual dryness of a body area
20xeroxto copy photos
21XhosaA South African people or their language
22xiA Greek letter
23XiangA dialect of Chinese
26xoanonA wooden representation of god
A photographic process
28xuA Vietnamese piece of money
29xylanA wood-based compound
30xylaryof or in connection with of or relating to
31xylemPlant tissue
32xylenea liquid hydrocarbon
33xylitea volatile liquid
34xylitolA chemical substance
36xylosea plant sugar
37xyridA sedge-like plant
38xysterA surgical instrument
39xystonAn antiquated Greek spear
40xystusan ancient Greek portico
Words That Start with X (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Have Fun With X 

It’s not the first word you can imagine in terms of positive words. However, there are plenty of great words that start with X available that you can enjoy. Once you’ve learned the positive meanings of a few words with the letter X, you may want to look up nouns that begin with the letter X or words that contain Z, X and Z for children..

Have Fun With X 

It’s not the first letter you consider when thinking of positive words. Many great comments start with X available to play around with. Once you’ve learned some positive words that have X, it’s a good idea to explore nouns beginning with the letter X or words that have the letters X, Y, and Z for children..

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