Words That Start with Y For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start with Y For  – If you’re interested in using this Roman Urdu to English dictionary beginning with Y, it’s there. This means that you don’t have to be concerned over your English translation of a number of terms.

If you’re having difficulties with using the Urdu language, you can use an Roman Urdu to English dictionary. The Roman Urdu to English dictionary beginning with Y is a good choice in this respect.

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Words That Start with Y

Sr NoWords Meaning
01YankInformal- an American
02YankInformal-pull sharply
03YapBark in a shrill
05YearnFeel an intense wanting to
06YellA loud and sharp cry, or a ring
07YelpA brief, sharp cry
08YenInformal- a longing
09Yes-manInformal- a person who is always in agreement with his superiors
10YieldAccept pressure or demands, surrender possession of
11YobYoung man who is aggressive and affluent.
12YokelA simple country man
14YoreLong ago
15YowlA loud cry of wailing
16YuckInformalis used to express displeasure
18YuppieInformal-a young middle class professional person
Words That Start with Y (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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You, It’s All About Positivity! 

Do not begin crying right now! The journey of Y just started. Keep the joy of the Y by looking up the nouns or adjectives that start with the letter Y. If you’ve got youngsters who are young and you want to test their vocabulary, explore children’s words using Z, X,

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