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Words That Start with U – The U letter is an intriguing creature. The two primary English parents, Latin and German, utilize it differently in a different way than English. Latin transforms it into vowels that are close but not wholly U. German does strange things with the sound. English is simple, but U is the rarest of English vowels, ranking 13th in terms of frequency.

It is apparent when you look at the U list of words for kids. Some words might be more difficult or obscure than you would expect because there are a limited number of words that begin with U. Check out these valuable lists of U words for children from preschool to fifth grade.

Words That Start with U

Sr NoWords Meaning
01UbiquitousBeing everywhere or appearing to be being everywhere simultaneously
02UlteriorBeyond the obvious or acknowledged
03UltimatumA final warning that actions is taken unless requirements are fulfilled either with a final agreement or demand made during talks
04UmbrageBe angry, take offense and anger,
05UnanimousIn total agreement, and endorsed by all in the group.
06UnassumingDo not be arrogant or pretentious.
07UnbiddenIn the absence of being requested
08UncannyStrange or enigmatic
09UnconditionalNon subject to any conditions
10UncouthLacking good manners
11UnctuousInexpensively friendly or flattering, or too elegant or oily, characterised by a smooth, slick pretense of sincerity
12UnderlingA subordinate
14UndertakeMake a formal promise, then start an task
15UndoLock or loosen the screws, alter the effect of, or cause the destruction or fall of
16UnearthFind out the most relevant information by using
17UnendingIt seems to last forever
18UnflappableIn a crisis, informal-calm unaffected, never upset during a crisis.
19UnhandLet go , To get rid of one's hands from
20UnhingedUnbalanced and mentally unstable
21UnkemptUntidy and unorganized appearance
22UnleashRelease, loosen
23UnmitigatedAbsolute, without qualification or exclusion
24UnnerveFeel fearful or nervous
25UnprepossessingThe design is not attractive, and it's not particularly remarkable; not awe-inspiring or nondescript
26UnpromptedInvoluntary, arising from natural sensation or an impulse without external stimuli
27UnremittingNever stopping or slowing down
28UnrulyIt isn't easy to manage.
29UnscathedWithout sustaining any injuries
30UnseatRemoving yourself from a position that is power
31UnsettleDo not be agitated, do not be disturbed
32UnsolicitedNot requested, Not searched for or requested; not sought after
33UnsungNot not acknowledged or not praised
34UntowardUnexpected and unwelcome
35UnwarrantedInsufficiently justified, not having warrant or authority;
Relax after a time of stress or work
37UnwittingUnaware of all truth, but unintentionally
38UnwrittenThe general public is aware of and accepts even though it is not official
40UpdateStay up to date
41UpgradeRaising to a higher standard or rank
42UpholdConfirm or provide support
43Up MarketQuality and expensive
44UppityImportant to have an informal self
45UproariousVery loud, hilarious
46UpshotA conclusion
47UrbanePolite, confident and refined
48UrgeAsk for or encourage someone to take action, strongly suggest
49UsurpPossess a position of power without a permit or force
50UtilitarianMore useful than decorative
Words That Start with U (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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The etymology of U Words for Kids Activity 

Words That Start with U – The final elementary word list gives students concepts and the origins of words to study. Umbra and umbrage originate from the Latin word shadows, just like an umbrella

Uplifting and uprising appear to be words that are synonyms, but they aren’t the same thing. Students are given this list of terms and ask them to explore the etymology behind the word and the connections the words could have with one another. This can be done either as a class or an individual exercise.

We Do It for U 

Words That Start with U – You have an unusual place in U’s position in the English language, which makes it both challenging and thrilling for its potential as a source of vocabulary. The lists above of words commonly used in the English language should be enough to start you off. If you’re ready to expand your spelling or vocabulary lists, look up Yourinfomaster’s list of words that begin with the letter U. You can also filter your results according to word length to meet the needs of your students.

Understanding the letter U is a process that goes beyond memorizing lists to understanding patterns and common traits between sets of words. This kind of understanding is the thing that makes lifelong readers and learners. To learn more about vocabulary and etymology, go to our website and look through some words that begin with Z, X, and Z!


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