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Words That Start With E If you’re looking to use this Roman Urdu to English dictionary beginning with E Then it’s available here. You no longer have to be concerned over your English translation of many terms.

If you’re facing any difficulty in writing in Urdu language, you can make use of an Roman Urdu to English dictionary. The Roman Urdu to English dictionary beginning with E is helpful for this purpose.

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Words That Start with E

Sr NoWordsMeaning
01EarnestSincere, serious intent
02EavesdropListening in secret to conversations
03EbbGradually decrease in intensity, with the lowest ebb, in the state of mind. of mind
04EbullientFull of energy and enthusiasm lively, enthusiastic
05EccentricStrange and unusual
06EclecticThe inspiration for style or ideas comes from a variety of sources
07EdgyTense, irritable
08EffaceYou can make yourself appear invisible and then wipe it clean
09EffronteryImpertinence or insolence
10EffusiveExpressing approval or pleasure without restraint
11EgocentricSelf-centered and selfish
12ElanAffection and energy, confident self-assurance
13ElatedExtremely happy and thrilled
14EllipsisThe abstention of words from writing or speech, an array of dots to indicate this
15EloquencePersuasive or fluent speaking, or writing
16ElucidateTo clear something up Explain,
17EludeAble to cleverly avoid or escape being recognized by, or be unattainable by
18Emanate A source of information to be released
19EmbattledAre you plagued by difficulties or problems?
20EmbitteredResentful or bitter
21EmpiricalBased on observations or experiences rather than theories
22EmolumentSalary or fee
23EmulateDo your best to be equal or better than, or surpass
24EncapsulateIncorporate in the form of a capsule, write down
25EndeavourStrive to make something happen and try to achieve something through perseverance
26EndorseSign your approval to an acknowledgement of the cheque on the reverse
27EnervateFeeling exhausted and depleted of energy
28EnigmaA puzzle, a mysterious object or person
28EnnuiA feeling of boredom, tiredness
29EnraptureWe are delighted to hear that you enjoyed it.
30EnsembleAn ensemble of actors set of items seen as an entire
31EnumerateOne of the items is mentioned.
32EnunciateBe clear, speak clearly, and clearly
33EnvisageConsider it as a possibility or visualize
34EpitomeA perfect example,
35EquivocalAmbiguous, uncertain, doubtful
36ErgonomicsThe study of the efficiency of individuals within their workplace
37ErrantNot doing something right
38ErraticUneven, irregular
40EruditeVery well-educated and scholarly
41EspouseTake action to support or adopt an idea or style of living
42EstimableA worthy object of respect
43EstrangedNot anymore friends with anyone
44Et-alAs well as other
45EthicalMorally right,
46EtiquetteThe code of conduct in a social setting
47EuphemismA more subtle word that is that is used in place of an offensive or unpleasant term.
48EuphoriaFeeling of excitement, happiness, and a sense of wellbeing
49EvasiveAiming to avoid or escape doing something.
50EvinceIndicate or show
51ExaggerateCreate a false impression that something is greater than what it really is
52ExasperateIt is extremely irritating.
53ExcerptA brief excerpt from a book, movie, or music piece
54ExemplaryThe best in its field, it serves as a warning, acting as an example or model
55ExhortInsist on doing something and to insist with conviction
56ExigencySituations that require immediate action, or a pressing demand or need
57ExonerateReleased from any the blame, and prove innocence
58ExorbitantBeyond the limits of what is acceptable or reasonable excessively high,
59ExpediteAssist or accelerate the development of
60ExpendUse or spend resources
61ExpletiveThe word "swear" is verb that expresses anger
62ExtolGive praise enthusiastically, acclaim
63ExtrinsicThen, from the outside
64ExuberantJoyful and vibrant
65ExcisionTrim, cut out
66ExcoriateTo criticize severely, to denounce harshly
67EsotericIt is intended to be understood only by those with specialist expertise, difficult to comprehend
Words That Start with E (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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What better way to continue the knowledge’s journey by referring to this list of adjectives which begin with E? Also, while you’re at it you can continue reading the list of words that begin with E. And then, expand your horizons by exploring more words that begin in E. Let us know if that you are enjoying expanding your vocabulary with the many exciting new words!


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