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Words That Start with V – V is a challenging letter, mainly when used as an initial. It’s a relatively uncommon letter, yet it’s not surrounded by the apparent xylophones and the zebras that are common to other rare notes. This makes the vocabulary word (hey, it’s our initial V-word!) extra important.

If not, V words are too easy to overlook. This list of V-words for children is designed to assist students in connecting the sound V to its symbol and then clicking the sign with sentences, words, and the English language in general.

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Words That Start with V

Sr NoWords Meaning
01VacillateNever stop changing your mind and twirl
02VacuousLack of intelligence or thought
03Vaingloriousis an ancient word meaning self-promotion, vanity of one's self. It refers to doing things to gain glory and self-promotion.
A goodbye
05ValiantNoble, brave
06ValidateVerify the validity of and declare it valid
07VanquishTake on the challenge with a vengeance
08VantageA location that offers a great view
09VariableChangeable capable of varying in
11VariantA type that is distinct from other types of the same thing.
12VauntedThen boasted or praised or boasted about, or bragged about
13VeerChange direction
14VehementExhibiting strong feelings Impetuous, violent, and violent
15VeneerThe outward display of high-quality or appearance
16VenerateVery much respect
17VengeanceRetaliation or revenge
18VentExpress your emotions freely and without fear
19VentureA risky venture to say or do something
20VeraciousHonest, truthful
21VerbatimIn the exact same way Word for word
22VerbiageWriting or speech that is excessively long excessive use of words and wordiness
23VerboseInvoking more words than needed, and wordiness
24VergeA time limit that is over which something can happen.
25VeritableIn the right way, real authentic, real
26VernacularThe language spoken by common people in a country or the region
27VersatileCan be used to do numerous items
28VersedProfessionally trained or experienced in
Style, spirit and vigour
31VeteranSomeone with a long-standing experience, especially in the army
32VetoA right to deny any decision or suggestion that is made by someone else
33ViableAble to work, survive or thriving
34VibeInformal, the way in which an atmosphere is created by a location or a mood that is shared between people
35VicariousIt is experienced through imagination instead of directly
36Vice versaReversing the order in which the items previously mentioned
37VicinityThe immediate area
38ViciousViolent or brutal, savage and risky
39VieBe competitive with other people
40VigilantWatch out for potential dangers or any problems.
41VindictiveBeing possessed of a strong or overt desire to get revenge
42VirulentExtremely destructive, intensely hostile
43VividInvoking powerful emotions or creating clear thoughts in the mind Very deep and vibrant
44VociferousLoud or vehement
45Volte-faceA complete and abrupt change of policy or attitude
46VolubleFluently speaking and in length
47VoluminousOf loose and full-length clothing.
48VoraciousConsuming something with a desire to
49VouchDeclare or verify the truth, accuracy , or authenticity of
50VulnerableAt risk of being attacked or hurt
Words That Start with V (Words & Meaning) PDF Download

Classroom Discussion Ideas

For students from grades 3 to 5, it is possible to discuss the connections that exist between words and experiences. These terms were chosen because they have a rich context of their meaning. The discussions were centred around the distinct nature and etymology and the multiple purposes for these terms.

  • You can, for instance, discuss the word “vacate” in terms of the concept of holidays and what they symbolize in moving from one place to another.
  • Viacom’s directly from Latin and is a great way to discuss the significance of the importance of Latin origins within English.
  • A vessel can be used to show the development of an expression’s meaning, starting with an empty container to the essentially empty sailing vessel.
  • Volleys an example of a word that has the same meaning in two completely different contexts, namely sports and combat.

Vamping Vocabulary With V 

Words That Start with V – V’s relative rarity makes every word that begins with it unique. To get a visual and a viable alternative to vocabulary, you can try Yourinfomaster’s powerful, sophisticated search function. It lets you browse through a word list beginning with V by the length of the word and the letters that are included. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary! If you can help your students to think of words in this way, you’ve helped them to become lifetime language learners.

Words That Start with V – When you’re done with V words for children, Don’t stop there. Continue to the following letter since you’re so close to the final note of your alphabet. Next, you’ll need to learn words that begin with W for children. You’ll then be ready to move on to appropriate for your age words which begin with X, Z, and Y.


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V- Words – Did you read some Words That Start with V on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question about V words. We will gladly explain!

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