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Words That Start with A For Kids PDF Download

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In this Article We will learn about Words Start with A PDF Download The alphabet’s beginning is a good place to begin if you want to teach spelling to your preschoolers or kindergartners. Young learners, Toddlers and Children can be set up for success by breaking apart the alphabet and creating new words letter-by-letter.

Here are some great words starting with A that kids will love, as well as some activities that can help students see that learning is fun. Words Start With “A” word, meaning and Stances.

Amazing Letters

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In the current English alphabet (AZ), A is the initial letter of the Alphabet. The alphabet was developed in Latin script and was developed around the seventh century. However, there are other English alphabets that are found in Old English. There are seven ways to pronounce the letters A:

  1. “Aih” as in cat,
  2. “Ay” as ape,
  3. “Uh” as in was,
  4. “Ah” as in arm,
  5. “Aw” as in walk,
  6. “Eh” as in share,
  7. “Ih” as in senate
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Words That Start with A

Sr NoWordsMeaning
01Abandon Completely give up and completely, to leave forever, complete lack of inhibition.
02Abase To degrade or humiliate
03Abashed Confused or embarrassed
04Abate Reduced or less widespread
05AbbreviateA word or phrase can be shortened
06AbdicateTo abdicate the throne or fail to fulfill the responsibilities
07AberrationA deviation from the norm or acceptable
08Abet Support or encourage bad doing
09Abeyance In temporary inactivity or suspension
10Abhor Hate, detest
11AbjectAwful, totally devoid of pride and miserable
12Abjure Refuse to believe in a particular belief, make a claim, or your rights.
13Abide Obey or Accept the rule or the decision
14AbominateTo detest, dislike strongly
16AbsolveFree of blame or guilt
17Abstruse A bit difficult to comprehend
18Abysmal Really bad, awful, miserable
19AbyssA deep pit, one that is bottomless
20Accede Accept a request or demand
21Accentuate Insist on more, make it clear
22AcclimatizeDevelop or get used to an unfamiliar situation, to change or adapt to
23Accolade Something given as an prize or honor, reward, or award
24Accomplice Someone who assists another to accomplice in committing a crime, also known as a accomplice in criminal activity
25AccostContact and talk to
26AccentuateInsist on more, make it clear
27Accost Contact and talk to
28Accoutrement Additional clothing, accessories or piece of equipment
29AccreditedCertified, approved, and officially certified, and officially
30Acerbic Direct and sharp
31Acquaint Inform the issues, inform, and be aware of
32Acquit Declare that you are not responsible, or behave in a specific manner
33AcridSharp, bitter, unpleasant (as spoken)
34Acrimony Awful and bitter, the roughness of
35Acronym A word that is formed by the letters that begin the word other words.
36AcumenIntelligence, a sharp mind as well as the ability to read minds,
37Adage A proverb, a relic of an old saying
38Adamant Refusing to change your mind, rigid, uncompromising
39Addendum A chapter book as a of supplement a book that has been added or something that is added to
40AddledConfused, confused, and confused
41Ad hoc It was created or performed for a specific reason only specifically designed for a particular purpose
42Ad infinitum Infinite, forever
43Adjure To demand, exhort to make a strong appeal
44AdventAn arrival, coming
45Ad-lib Don't prepare beforehand and then make up your own ideas
46Admonish Reprimand, be stern, and reprove
47AdoTrouble, agitation
48Adroit Clever, skillful
49Adulation Over-the-top admiration, sly flattery
50Adversity Difficulty, misfortune, troubled state
51Aegis Protectionsupport shield
52Affablefriendly and good natured Pleasant
53Apathy lack of interest or enthusiasm, or lack of emotion
54Aplomb Calmself confidence, poise
55Apposite Perfectly appropriate, and fitting
56ArtificeTricks or devices that are clever that are used to trick people, particularly when they are intended to deceive
57Askance To be suspicious or a disapproving gaze Aspersion Discriminatory or threatening remarks or criticism
58Atone and make amends for Reduce or make weaker, in order to lessen
59Attrition Gradual wear and tear, worn away due to friction
60Awry Distinction from the planned course or location
Words That Start with A (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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A-Words for All Ages

There are many forms of letters A-words. If we provide the correct guidance our students will be prepared to succeed quickly. QuranMualim vast dictionary of terms beginning with the letter A is well worth a look. You can make your own word lists that are an excellent option to begin your vocabulary list.

To add many words to your word list, vocabulary you need to do is choose them in the Advanced option.  This words that start with the letter B are excellent for spelling classes. It is essential to cultivate an interest in learning from an early age. Thanks  

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