Words That Start with R For Kids PDF Download

Words That Start with RThe letter R is among the most commonly used consonants used in English. Learning to recognize it is crucial to mastering the language early. Teaching kids R words help them understand basic concepts in linguistics and enhances their overall development.

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Words That Start with R

Sr NoWords Meaning
01RabbleAn unruly crowd, a mob
02RabidInspiring, violent, intense,
03RacketA loud and unpleasant sound, a loud confusion
04RaconteurA person who shares stories with a unique style
05RacyExciting and vibrant
06RadiantShining brightly or shining with brightness and displaying health or joy
Very unreliable
08RakishDashing, but a little unreliable in appearance
09Ramblespeak in a confused manner and then at the same time.
10RamificationThe complicated results of an act or an event
11RamifyBranch out; to have concomitant consequences or to produce the resulting outgrowths
12RampageThen, in a wild and violent manner
13RampantInundating or spreading out uncontrollably widely, raging
14RamshackleIn very poor condition
15RancourResentment, bitterness or anger
16RandomIt is done or occurs without any the need for planning, order, or purpose.
17RankleResentment that continues to grow
18RantMake sure you speak in a loud, with force
19RapportA harmonious and close relationship, a harmonious relationship
20RaptEnthusiastic or totally absorbed
21RarefiedIt is only understood by a select number of people
22RaringInformal, very eager to learn more about the world.
23RatifyConfirm an agreement in writing.
24RationaleThe motivations behind a particular decision or the belief behind it.
25RaucousThe sound is loud and harsh.
26RaveDisagree or shout incoherently, write or speak about with enthusiasm
27RealmA specific area of activity or an area of interest
28RebuffRefuse to accept an offer in a sudden or in a rude way
29RecalcitrantInflexible and refusing to submit to the authority
30RecantTo withdraw an idea or belief, or give up a formal renunciation (one's convictions)
31RecapitulateThen, give a summary for example, to summarise
32ReparteeFast witted comments or replies
33ReticentDo not share one's thoughts or feelings
34RetrogressionReverting to a previous and more deteriorating state, then going backwards, especially into an even worse state
35RetrospectiveRetrospectively reviewing or looking at the events of the past
36RetortCreate a humorous or sharp response
37RisibleFun, laughter and hilarious
38RiderA condition that is not met or a statement
39RiftA split, crack or break A serious breach in friendly relationships
40RigmaroleA lengthy and complex procedure that is long and complex.
41RiposteA quick reply
42RisqueVery indecent
43RobustSturdy , strong, and healthy
44RoughshodDo not take into account the thoughts or desires of
The essential facts of an issue Undeveloped parts of a subject
46RueI am deeply sorry.
47RuminateTake a deep breath
48RummageSearch in a disorganized way
49RumpusA noisy disturbance
Words That Start with R (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Rodents, roses, robins and rulers play significant parts in the literature of all sorts. Select a few poems and read them aloud. For instance, in Emily Dickinson Poem 6: The Robin to your students. Poem 6 Robin for your children could help improve their vocabulary and allow students to link this kind of bird to a particular time and location. Most importantly, it will make them aware that language can be played with, used, spoken, and even heard.

Rolling With R Words for Kids 

The widespread nature of R is why it’s worthwhile to study from a young age. Exploring things that begin with R as a vocabulary isn’t a bad idea for kids starting pre-k through elementary school time.

Are you ready for a thorough review? Look over QuranMualim ‘s list of words beginning with the letter R. It lists words in order of length and notes, making it an appropriate tool to reinforce R-words! To further enhance vocabulary and classes, words that start with the letter S are perfect for children to help you complete the alphabet for your students!


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Did you read some Words That Start with R on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question about R words. We will gladly explain!

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