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Words That Start with T – The T letter is the English-speaking consonant that is the most popular globally, and it is the second most frequent word in the English language, just after E.

Our list of T-words for children, together with our top letter T-related activities, are designed to help your children associate the sound they are familiar with the letter written and help them build the foundations of written language. Discover a wide array of words beginning with T for kids.

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QuranMualim – Words T

Words That Start with T

Sr.NoEnglish Words Meaning
01TabA tiny flap that projects or strip or strip of paper, in informal (keep the eye on)to monitor the activities of
02TabooA ban or restriction imposed by social customs, any social restrictions
03TaciturnLittle, mostly still, and not wanting to speak.
04TackyInformal clothing that is not of good taste or high quality.
05TactThe ability to communicate and the sensitivity to deal with other people
06TactileThe feeling of having, or being perceivable through the sensation of touch
07TalismanA relic is believed to bring luck
08TamperInterfere with
09TandemIn tandem and behind one another
10TangiblePerceivable through touch, whether it is real
11TantamountIn seriousness, equivalent to, comparable in significance, quality, etc.
12TardySlow to react or act or respond. Slow, delayed, dilaatory
Do not be known and less
15TauntA mocking or jeering comment.
16TautologyThe repetition of the same idea over and repeatedly, in different ways in a needless repeating an original idea
17TeeterUnsteady movement or sway
18TemperamentalThe tendency to alter mood in an unnatural manner
19TemptInspire someone to act in defiance of their own judgement
20TenaciousAffirming something with a firm hold stubborn, persistent or persevering
21TensileOf tension that can be stretched
22TentativeUncertain, uncertain
23TenuousVery thin, very light or fine as fiber
24Terra-firmaDry land
25TerseIn a only a few words
27ThawUnfreeze or make it unfrozen and become more friendly
It has a positive impact on the mind and body helping to treat or heal, or to maintain the health of the body and mind.
29ThresholdA point or level marking the beginning of something, the beginning point
30ThriftyEconomic development through the utilization of resources
31TimorousTimid and full of fear, fearful
32TiradeAlong angry speech
33TopicalIn connection with current events
34ToucheA term used to recognize a positive argument made in one's own
35TouchyQuick to take offense
36TraipseMove or walk slowly
37TransliterateCreate a word or letter by using letters from a new alphabet, or other language
39TriteOverused or not originalTruculent
40TruculentIt is quick to debate or fight brutal, violent or brutal
41TruceAn agreement to cease the fighting temporarily
42TruismAn assertion that is evidently real and does not contain any new information.
43TrundleSlowly roll or move
44TurbulentThat can cause a lot of conflicts, chaos or confusion, wild or chaotic
45TurmoilA state of major disorientation or confusion
46TutelageAuthority or protection, tuition and tuition, guardianship, or care
47TweakMake a sharp or sharp twist and informal-improve your technique by making precise adjustments
48Twit/TwerpInformal-a jolly person

49TypifyBe the norm of
50TyroA beginner
Words That Start with T (Words & Meaning) PDF Download
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Creating Idioms With T Words

Words That Start with T – This is when you can begin to discuss subjects or the idiomatic use of the language. You can start teaching your students phrases such as “through thick and thin” or “grain of truth.” Students should be encouraged to share the terms they’ve heard that contain these words through idioms using T activities. Set a timer, and allow students to write the most idiomatic T words that they can think of. After a while, locate new idioms that are unique and then have them make distinctive phrases.

The Tremendous Truth of T 

T appears everywhere across English. The process of linking the letters to abstract concepts begins in the form of lists but goes on to the etymology, use and effects of the English language in all its forms. When you can help your students in that process, you’ll be able to give them the opportunity to teach them real and lasting literacy.

QuranMualim is another excellent resource for finding take-charge words. YOURINFOMASTER ‘s word list that begins with the letter T contains a wide range of words that make perfect for adding to your list of vocabulary.

Complete the advanced search form to narrow down your search further! To learn more rich language and etymology, take an interest in our words that begin with the letter U. It’s a given that these young learners will be able to step up their game with these particular words. Enjoy! 


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Did you read some Words That Start with T on the way? Which one do you read? Let us know if you have any question about T words. We will gladly explain!

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