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Words That Start With I  – It’s not a very frequent initial letter, however, when it appears it’s a good sign. The short, simple phrases that begin with I are the core of English and the language can’t be able to function without the letter I, it and is.

Additionally, prefixes such as in and in or inthe – are used to begin a number of words, and even more importantly they are a good starting point to help students break down words into meaningful parts.

We’ve compiled this list of I words to help educators. Make use of our definitions and activities to help your children from preschool through 4th grade, expand their vocabulary using I words for children.

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Words That Start with I

Sr NoWords Meaning
01IdealismA belief in the possibility that goals are achievable and a way of thinking or behavior in accordance with a concept of what they ought to be
02IdiosyncrasyA personal characteristic, a mannerism, and so on. the individual's unique manner of thinking or behavior.
03IdiomaticUtilizing expressions that are natural to native speakers
04IgnobleDishonorable and not noble in nature or quality
05IgnominyPublic shame
06IllegibleIt is not clear enough to be read, or difficult for people to comprehend, due to it's poorly printed or written
07ImbecileA person who is not smart or a person who has an abnormally low level of intelligence or the fool.
08ImmaculateThe entire area is clean and neat, free of any flaws or mistakes
09ImbroglioA confusing or complex situation
10ImbueFeelings or quality, to be infused with thoughts, feelings and ideas.
11ImmanentAll the time, inbuilt inside
12ImmuneNot affected by, resisting or impacted by, exempted from, or protected against
13ImmureTo lock oneself in the solitude of a space, beg or confine,
14ImpasseA deadlock, a situation
15ImpeccablePerfect, flawless and faultless

16ImpedimentA hindrance, or a defect in the speech of a person or anything that hinders
17ImperilTo put yourself in danger, put at risk, or pose the risk of
18ImperiousArrogant, dominating, expecting unquestioning obedience
19ImpertinentDo not show proper respect
20ImperviousInert, incapable of being in any way affected, and not affected by
21ImpetuousDoing something or acting in a flash or with no thinking, impulsive,
22ImpetusA force that drives or moves or motive
23ImpingeCreate an impact or have an effect To strike, hit or otherwise (on or against)
24ImplacableInflexible, unwilling to be reconciled unstoppable, unflexible

25Importunate(Persistent, persistent in asking or demanding, persistent and refusing to be denied
26ImpromptuIt was not scheduled or practiced, with no preparation
27ImproprietyIncorrect, not conforming to the rules
28ImproviseTo write and perform with no preparation, compose from what is readily available
29ImpudentInfringing on respect and being shamelessly reckless
30InadvertentAccidental, due to negligence inattention or lack of observance or observant
31InaneInsane, stupid
32IncapacitateTo stop it from functioning
33IncognitoIt is disguised under a fake name while keeping one's real identity hidden
34IncoherentNot easy to comprehend, not logically connected or not properly organised
35IncongruousIncongruous, without cohesion or harmony of the parts , etc.
36IndefatigableNever tiring, untiring
37IndubitableUnquestionable, unambiguous and unquestionable Unquestionable
38IneptLacking skill, unsuitable, unfit
39InfringeInfringe upon the rights or privileges of others
40IngeniousBrilliant, clever, and brilliant talented
41InimicalUnfriendly, hostile, harmful Unfavorable, negative
42InklingA hint, a slight suspicion
44InnuendoA comment that indirectly refers to something
45InordinateLarge, unusually large, and excessive
46InterpolateInsert, interrupt, or say something which interrupts a conversation, dialogue,
47InvidiousMore likely to create resentment or to incite the impression of ill-will
48IrateVery angry
49IrksomeInfuriating, tiring, and frequently boring
50IterateTo say, repeat, or to speak repeatedly
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I and You

Words That Start With IAs mentioned above the words that begin with the letter I play an important function in English. The I Words list was designed for students to get involved with I words at this level and walk away with a better comprehension of the English language. Are you in need of more exciting I words?

Make use of the QuranMualim collection of vocabulary that begin by the letters I to build upon the above words. You can use the advanced search to make sure the words you choose to use are of the proper length for your ability level. For more vocabulary hat is packed with enjoyable activities, take a look at our vocabulary list starting with J!

Are there any I Words for Kids?

Some of the I-words for children include immediately Igloo, Ink, imp, anger, demand imprison, ice-cream, increase the child, illicit, intense impatient, island India implied issue, iron idea, inhale injection, etc.

What are the benefits of studying I Words For Kids?

The benefits of studying I Words for Kids are that they assist them to realize how important it is to learn new vocabulary, and they also get them involved in word-building games and activities. Learning new words can help children identify words, and increase their vocabulary skills.

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