An Islamic Studies Grade 6 Printable Worksheets Download

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Unit 1:

  • 1. The True Book
  • The True Book:
  • 2. Recommendations by the Prophet PBUH
  • 3. Volunteering: An Act of Worship and Belonging
  • 4. Sanctity of the Muslim
  • Sanctity of the Muslim worksheets
  • 5. Obligatory, Voluntary worksheets
  • 6. The UAE

Unit 2:

  • (Surah As-Sajdah 13-22)
  • Word to Word Translation_Verses 13-22
  • Qualities and Rewards of Believers
  • 2. The Rules of Silent Noon and Tanween
  • Tajweed Lesson_Silent Noon and Tanween
  • 3. Bring Yourselves to Account
  • Bringing Yourselves to Account
  • 4. Mosque Manners
  • Mosque Manners worksheets
  • 5. Life in Madinah after Emigration
  • Life in Madinah worksheets
  • 6. Prostration of Forgetfulness

Unit 3:

  • 1. Patience and Certainty
  • 2. The Rule of Blending
  • Idghaam
  • Worksheets
  • 3. The Believer between Gratitude and Patience
  • 4. Signs of the Hour
  • 5. Imam Malik bin Anas

Unit 4:

  • (Surah al Mulk 1-14)
  • Surah al Mulk_worksheets
  • 2. Iqlaab (Changing)
  • 3. Good Morals
  • Good Morals worksheets
  • I am Tolerant worksheets
  • 5. Battle of Badr
  • Battle of Badr, worksheets

Unit 5:

  • 1. The Power of Allah
  • 2. Ikhfaa Haqiqi worksheets
  • 3. Selecting Friends
  • 4. Scientific Thinking
  • 5. The Battle of Uhud
  • 6. My Environment is a Trust

Unit 6:

  • 1. Lessons to be learned
  • 2. The Ease of Islam
  • 3. Manners of Supplication
  • 4. Voluntary Fasting
  • 5. Aa’isha, Mother of the Believers (R.A)
  1. Lesson Plans:
  • Believer Between Gratitude and Patience
  • Grade 6_Surah al Mulk, Part 2
  • Grade 6_Battle of Uhud
  • Grade 6_Good Morals
  • Grade 6_My Environment is My Trust
  • Grade 6_Believer Between Patience and Gratitude
  • Lesson Plans
  • Recommendations by the Prophet sal…
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