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Dear Parents and Teachers, I am rearranging the Islamic Studies materials All Grade (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and  Grade 12) as per the order of the chapters. I request you to kindly share all Islamic Studies Grades Books to Dear Ones. You can email as attachments to me: hdhuddi @ Jazakumullaahu Khayra.

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  1. Practice Book
  2. Textbook Exercises & Worksheets:

Unit 1:

  • Raising Up (Surah Qaaf 1-15)
  • Surah Qaaf
  • Surah Qaaf WORKSHEET
  • Seven Under the Shade of Allah
  • Those Under the Shade of Allah
  • 3. Glad Tidings for those who Pray
  • Glad Tidings
  • Walking to the Mosque WORKSHEET
  • Glad Tidings for Those Who Walk to the Masjid –Angels of Fajr and Asr – Good one
  • Glad Tidings for Those Who Pray
  • Glad Tidings for those who Pray
  • Oneness of Allah SWT
  • the Oneness of Allah
  • 5. Observing Allah SWT
  • Observing Allah
  • 6. Sunan al Fitra
  • Sunan al Fitrah

Unit 2:

  • 1. The Supreme Creator,
  • The Creator, The All Knowing
  • 2. Opportunity of a Lifetime
  • Repentance: Opportunity of a Lifetime
  • 3. The Reliever, the Forbearing
  • The Reliever, the Forbearing
  • 4. Full Ablution (Ghusl)
  • Full Ablution – Ghusl
  • 5. Dry Ablution (Tayammum)
  • Ablution and Wiping Over the Footwear (Ghazwah al Ahzaab), Battle of Confederates

Unit 3:

  • 1. Consolation (Surah Qaaf 31-45)
  • Glad Tidings and Consolation
  • 2. Rules of the Silent Meem
  • Rules of Silent Meem
  • 3. Moderate Spending
  • Moderate Spending_1
  • 4. Imam Abu Hanifa al Numan
  • Imam Abu Hanifa An-Numan
  • Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullaah)
  • 5. The Arab Islamic Civilization
  • The Arab and Islamic Civilization

Unit 4:

  • 1. Surah Ar-Rahman, 1-25
  • Surah Ar-Rahman
  • 2. the Righteousness of Man
  • the Righteousness of Man
  • 3. The Religion of Islam is Easy
  • The Religion of Islam is Easy
  • 4. Thinking in Islam
  • Thinking in Islam
  • 5. Working is a Worship
  • Working is Worship
  • Unit 5:
  • 1. The Pleasure of Life
  • Notes & Exercises
  • Surah Ar Rahman, 26-53
  • 2. Taking Care of Orphans
  • Taking Care of Orphans
  • 3. Humbleness
  • Humbleness
  • 4. Voluntary Prayers (Duha and Night)
  • Voluntary Prayers: Duha and Night alhamdulillah
  • 5. The Clear Conquest
  • Conquest of Makkah_Prezi Presentation Link
  • The Clear Conquest WORKSHEET
  • Unit 6:
  • Surah Ar-Rahman, Verses 54-78
  • 2. Coexistence among People
  • Co-existence among people
  • 3. Majlis and its Manners
  • The Majlis and its Manners
  • Majlis and Its Manners
  • Notes & Exercises
  • Problem of Poverty
  • 3. Lesson Plans:
  • Observing Allah
  • 4. Miscellaneous:
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