Definite of Descriptions | Arabic Vocabulary PDF Download

Do you know how many Arabic description words there are for ‘love’? In this Article We will learn about Definite of Descriptions | Arabic Vocabulary PDF Download. The British Council’s shares some lesser-known facts about the description language. Arabic is an official language more or Less  22 countries all over the world that form the Arab Language . There are more than 300 million Arabic speakers all over the world, though they predominantly live in the region stretching across the Middle East and sub- continent of North Africa. Arabic  is also the six official languages of the United Nations. Yet, in the united kingdom, only one per cent of the adult population can hold a basic conversation in Arabic Language.

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Arabic Descriptions Vocabulary

Adjectives in Arabic EnglishAdjectives in Arabic English
فَرْحَانٌ happyشُجَاعٌ brave
غَضْبَانُangry جَبَانٌ coward; shy
سَعِيْدٌdelightedظَرِيْفٌ funny
حَزِيْنٌmiserable مُهَذَّبٌ polite; kind
نَشِيْطٌ diligentسَرِيْعٌ agile
كَسْلاَنُ lazyبَطِيْءٌslow
مَرِيْضٌunhealthy رَحِيْمٌ kindly
صَحِيْحٌ healthyقَاسٍ fierce
خَائِفٌ afraidمُجْتَهِدٌ hard-working
آمِنٌ free from worry Arabic Sentences English
شَبْعَانُ full أَنْتَ ذَكِيٌّ You are smart
جَوعَانُ hungry أَنْتِ جَمِيْلَةٌ You are beautiful
عَطْشَانُ thirstyأَنَا طَوِيْلٌ I'm tall
رَيَّانٌwell-wateredهُوَ شُجَاعٌHe is brave
طَوِيْلٌ tallهِيَ نَشِيْطَةٌ She is diligent.
قَصِيْرٌ short أَحْمَدُ رَجُلٌ فَرْحَانٌ Ahmad is a cheerful boy
ذَكِيٌّ clever هِيَ طَالِبَةٌ مُجْتَهِدَةٌ She is a hard-working student
غَبِيٌّstupidأَنْتَ لَسْتَ سَعِيْدًاYou are not happy
جَمِيْلٌ beautifulهُوَ لَيْسَ خَائِفًاHe is not afraid.
قَبِيْحٌ ugly. أَنَا لَسْتُ بَخِيْلاً I'm not stingy.
قَوِيٌّ strong فَاطِمَةُ امْرَأَةٌ قَوِيَّةٌ Fatima is a strong woman.
ضَعِيْفٌ weakهَلْ هَذَا الْعَامِلُ مُجْتَهِدٌ ؟ He is diligent.
نَحِيْفٌ skinnyبَخِيْلٌstingy
سَمِيْنٌ fat
كَرِيْمٌ generous
Definite of Descriptions | Arabic Vocabulary PDF Download

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